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Follow Friday: Fall Pet Photos That Will Make You Say, "Awww"

There is nothing more fun than getting out and exploring with your pets. They are always up for an adventure, no matter if you are going for a walk close to home or on an epic road trip that will bring you to new lands that you will both be traversing for the first time. They truly embody the spirit of life and adventure. This week we have a selection of dogs, cats and their owners embracing the change of season and what it has to offer and using their Sony Alpha cameras to record the fleeting moments. For a chance to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com, make sure you tag your Sony photography posts with #BeAlpha.

This week we feature a group of photographers who are using their Sony Alpha cameras to photograph their adorable furry friends. Take a look at their fall pet photos that will make you say, "awww!"

Loki The Wolfdog – @loki

If you have not come across Loki's Instagram feed before, you are in for a treat. It's one that's full of heart and adventure. Loki "The Wolf Dog" has been winning our hearts over for years with his charm and love for experiencing the wilderness. Along with his human Kelly Lund (@sharktoof), they have explored most of the western part of the U.S. and continue to explore what the world has to offer them. For fun, heartwarming and beautiful content, @loki is where it's at.

Suki Cat – @sukiicat

With her owners Marti and Ken, Suki Cat has traveled all over the world, with adventures in Europe, Mexico, America and different parts of her homeland Canada. You will often find Suki outside exploring in the woods, out on the canoe with her pal Killua, or hanging by the fire enjoying life in the outdoors. You might even see her wearing a dashing sweater or coat to keep warm during the cooler seasons.

Siobhan & Roshe – @roamingwithroshe

Siobhan and her springer cocker spaniel Roshe live in the highlands of Scotland and are clearly the best of pals. They do everything together from camping, SUP boarding and traveling around England enjoying the beautiful country as well as each other's company. Follow @roamingwithroshe for fun and adorable content. This shot of Roshe was taken with the Sony Alpha 7 III and the Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master lens.

Sina & TheColorCats – @amy_simba

Sina and her cats Simba, Amy, Milo, Zoey and Toffee are quite the crew. If you follow their Instagram you will get to keep up with all their antics and get to know each of the cats' personalities. It's a fun account to check back to often to see what everyone is up to! This adorable photo was shot with the Sony Alpha 7 III and Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master lens.

Ikigai (“Guy”) the NYC Vizsla –@ikigai_thevizsla

Ikigai is a vizsla that loves spending time in his home city, Manhattan, as much as he likes to spend time on getaways to the country with his human Lisa. Ikigai is a rather charming and dapper fella. You will often find him sporting a cozy sweater in the cooler months, and you almost always find him in a chic bandana while out adventuring. This photo of the regal boy was captured using the Sony Alpha 7 III and the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens.

Molly & Summit & Mylo – @findyoursummit 

You find Molly and her pups Summit and Mylo adventuring all over Colorado and the Southwest. Summit is a Siberian husky and Mylo is a pit bull mix. Both pups love nothing more than getting out and making friends and recently, the @findyoursummit feed has been full of all the gorgeous fall colors a Colorado fall has to offer. For beautiful content year-round, give them a follow.

Elvis & Magnolia – @thewanderlustdogs

Elvis, a German Shepard, and Magnolia, a Catahoula mix, along with their human Samantha, are no strangers to getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. You will often find them exploring the mountains and alpine lakes in Colorado, Washington and everywhere in between. Their feed is full of adorable and fun content and well worth a follow. The photo below was made with the Sony Alpha 7 II.

Chris Van Riel – @vanrielchris

Based in Zwolle, The Netherlands, photographer Chris Van Riel is known for photographing the dog-disc sport, where he captures the impressive moments of dogs catching the frisbees mid-air with fantastic detail and elegance. When Van Riel is not photographing the action, you can still find him working with dogs and getting adorable shots like this one below. @vanrielchris created this image with the Sony Alpha 9 and the Sony 135mm f/1.8 G Master.

Michal Hurník – @michal.hurnik

Michal Hurník is a dog photographer based in Prague. When it comes to dog portraits and capturing the action, Hurník has the ability to get the shot. Never missing a moment that captures their expression and the photo below is the perfect example, you see the personality of this little dog shine through, and the fall colors make for the ideal background for such a personality. Hurník captured this moment with the Sony Alpha 1 and the Sony 135mm f/1.8 G Master lens.


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