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Follow Friday: Black History Month Edition, Part 2

To recognize Black History Month, each week we're utilizing our "Follow Friday" segment to highlight a new group of Black creators that inspire so many with their work every day. These talented creatives are producing compelling photos and videos that stand out in the industry. Learn more about them below and follow their accounts to see more of their work. 

February is Black History Month and to celebrate we’re featuring Black photographers who inspire with their work every day.

Kesha Lambert – @keshalambert

Kesha Lambert is an international wedding and portrait photographer and speaker based in New York. The Sony Artisan of Imagery’s fascination with visual storytelling and love has inspired her photography career with a focus in weddings. She’s documented hundreds of weddings to date from all over the globe and her Instagram account features everything from high bridal fashion to intimate engagement shoots. She’s a lover of light, movement, color and emotion, and you’ll definitely find all of the above in her stunning work – give her a follow to see more of it.

Steven Irby – @stevesweatpants

Steven Irby is a photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. His focus is in black and white street photography, and he’s also the co-creator, director and executive producer of @streetdreamsmag. The moments he captures are already authentic and making them in black and white adds an extra raw layer to his imagery. Follow him for more street photography in black and white. 

Travis Ellison – @travietrav_dmv

Travis Ellison is a Minnesota-based sports and concert photographer. He currently works as the photography coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings, and when he’s not photographing football you can find him covering a number of other sports and music concerts. He sees himself as more than just a photographer and says, "A part of my job is helping create the best content that can make a positive impact on how we choose to live our lives and serve others." Give him a follow for more of his work in your feed, and see even more of his photography on his Alpha Universe Public Profile.

Quil Lemons – @quillemons

Quil Lemons is a New York-based photographer with "a distinct visual language that interrogates ideas around masculinity, family queerness, race, and beauty." His portraits are bold and often challenge the traditional. He photographed Billie Eilish for the March 2021 cover of Vanity Fair, making him the youngest photographer to ever do so at age 23. He also recently photographed @Telfarglobal below for the cover of @TIME. Follow him to see what he does next.

Dennis Cacho – @denn_ice

Dennis Cacho is a Bronx-based member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. His street photography captures the moments of the city as they happen in a raw and authentic way. He also makes environmental portraits, often in black and white and utilizing different angles to show every subject’s unique character. Follow Dennis to see more street photography in your feed.  

Endia Beal – @endiabeal

Endia Beal is a North Carolina-based artist, curator and author. Through her photography and videography she works to reveal the often overlooked experiences unique to people of color. Her first monograph, “Performance Review,” brings together work from first-hand experiences that highlight the realities and challenges for women of color in the corporate workplace. The image below is from her latest series, “Am I What You’re Looking For?,” where she focuses on young Black women and their struggles with how to present themselves in the professional workplace. Follow her for more thoughtful and inspirational posts in your feed.

Martine Séverin – @martine.severin

Martine Séverin lives in Chicago and specializes in fashion and lifestyle photography. In her work she draws upon her life experience to create a world where the human experience takes center stage. She’s also a past Alpha Female Creator-In-Residence and as stated in her Instagram bio she is, “Celebrating inclusivity and belonging one project at a time.” Give her a follow to see more of her inspiring work. 

Kennedi Carter – @internetbby

Kennedi Carter is a photographer with a primary focus on Black subjects. Her work highlights the aesthetics and sociopolitical aspects of Black life as well as the overlooked beauties of the Black experience: skin, texture, trauma, peace, love and community. You’ll see her work in magazines and more – give her account a follow to see where her compelling photography appears next.

Tobi Shinobi – @tobishinobi

Tobi Shinobi is a Chicago-based photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. His work focuses on detail, perspective, geometry and symmetry, and you’ll see these come to light through much of his breathtaking architecture photography. If you like all things design and angles, make sure you follow his Instagram account.

Terrence Drysdale  – @tjdrysdale

Terrence Drysdale is a Florida-based professional portrait, fine art and fashion photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. His fine art work sweeps you away to another time and place, making you feel like you’ve just entered a fairytale. His use of combining natural light with such otherworldly scenery really brings his images to life. Give his account a follow for more magical adventure in your feed.

Sydney A. Foster – @sydney.a.foster

Sydney Foster is a professional photographer and creative director in Montgomery, Alabama. Through her work she likes to bridge the gap and bring people together, creating positivity and unity while making people realize we can all get along and create while respecting each other. The main scope of her work is Black culture and she aims to capture not only fashion but also the essence of people through raw and authentic photography. Follow her account to keep up with her inspiring work.

Texas Isaiah – @kingtexas

Texas Isaiah is a visual narrator based in Los Angeles, Oakland and NYC. He is known for his ability to invite his subjects to participate in the photographic process, creating intimate portraits that show the realness of the individual. Through his work, he is attempting to shift the power dynamics rooted in photography to display different ways of accessing support in one’s own body. His photos have been exhibited and published in numerous spaces – give him a follow for more of his powerful photography. 


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