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Follow Friday: Black History Month Edition, Part 3

For Black History Month we've been utilizing our "Follow Friday" segment to highlight a new group of Black creatives whose work and talent inspires others every day. Check out the compelling photography these creatives are producing below and give their accounts a follow for more. 

February is Black History Month and to celebrate we’re featuring Black photographers who inspire with their work.

Ahmad Barber + Donte Maurice – @abdmstudio 

Ahmad Barber (@ahmadbarber) and Donte Maurice (@dontemaurice) make up the photography duo @abdmstudio. Their work gives an endearing approach to fashion and portraiture, and you’ll see many of their high-profile portraits on covers of magazines like InStyle, Men’s Health and more. Follow to see who they photograph next.

Jermaine Horton – @jermainehortonphotography

Jermaine Horton is a Chicago-based wedding, portrait and sports photographer, and a Sony Artisan of Imagery. His passion for telling others' stories has garnered him clients throughout the country. He’s also the president and founder of The Art of Confidence Project, a photo project that empowers and restores the confidence of our youth. His energy and drive to create makes him a fun one to keep up with in the industry – follow Jermaine and visit his website for more. 

Eli Reed – @elireedmagnum

Photojournalist and Sony Artisan of Imagery Eli Reed has a career in the industry that has spanned over five decades. He was the first black photographer to join the legendary photo collective Magnum Photos in 1982 and he is a Clinical Professor of Photojournalism at the University of Texas at Austin. He continues to shoot photojournalism projects all over the world. You can learn more about him below in, “Seeing History Through A Lens: A Walk With Legendary Photojournalist Eli Reed,” a short documentary of Reed’s story created by filmmakers and fellow Sony Artisans Garrette & Amber Baird. See more of Reed’s work in his portfolio.

Ruth Carter Hickman – @ruthcarterhickman

Ruth Carter Hickman is a traveling visual storyteller and educator who uses digital media to showcase underrepresented cultures. She won the Alpha Female+ Grant for her project on Mexican cultural icon-inspired portraits that reimagine traditional Mexican national treasures as Afro-Mexicans. Keep up with her adventures as a creator.

Mic-Anthony Hay – @micanthony_

Mic-Anthony Hay is an NYC-based documentary cinematographer and member of the Alpha Collective. He often posts grab-shots or short videos capturing the hustle and bustle of such a large city. Mic-Anthony is great at stepping back and providing the viewer with a big picture look of the scene, showing how much there is to explore within the grasp on his camera and lens. Follow Mic-Anthony to see more of that fast-moving city life.

Akilah Townsend – @killls

Akilah Townsend is a professional photographer based in Chicago specializing in portraiture, fashion, fine art and more. Her work explores the emotional essence of color and her photos typically have warmer hues to enhance the subject. Her photos have a candid, yet posed, look that makes her images unique and intriguing. Give her a follow to see more of talented work.

Joshua Kissi – @joshuakissi

Joshua Kissi is a photographer, director and member of the Alpha Collective. His professional and powerful portraits of Black people are an inspiring and visual way to tell more Black stories. The shots below are from his new project, "Business As Usual," and. he says is about, "Creating your own sense of movement, taking ownership of what you can influence, and being the author of your own story."  Give Joshua's Instagram account a follow for more of his stunning portraiture in your feed.

Nitashia Johnson – @nitashiajohnson

Nitashia Johnson is Dallas-based a multimedia artist with a passion for creating. She’s a graphic designer by day, a creative instructor on the weekends, and an art innovator in her free time. Her goal is to use her photography, design, and video skills to change the world. She is also a past Alpha Female Creator-In-Residence. Her Instagram account features beautiful portraiture and she has exciting projects ahead. 

Shauna Wade – @so.shauna

Shauna Wade is a travel, lifestyle and street photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. It’s easy to be captivated by the deep atmospheric look to her style of imagery, and she took that moody style a bit further when she founded the @moodygrams and @moodyports communities to share moody shots from others. Keep up with Shauna's Instagram account to be entranced by her style.

Nailah – @cloudnai

Nailah is a female photographer, director and event curator whose focus is on representing the underrepresented. Her bold portraits feature subjects that are underrepresented in the mainstream, creating a diverse portfolio of beautiful people of all shapes and sizes. Give her account a follow for more of her unique portraiture in your feed.

Dane Isaac – @dane.isaac

Dane Isaac is a commercial, portrait and street photographer and a member of the Alpha Collective. He focuses on the usage of light and storytelling in his work, and what he produces are thoughtful pieces and portraits that make a difference and make his subjects feel heard. Follow Dane to keep up with all of his latest projects.

Humza Deas – @humzadeas

Humza Deas is a New York City-based videographer, skateboarder and member of the Alpha Collective. He captures the beautiful architecture and cityscapes of the Big Apple, many of his shots being taken from out of a helicopter. Check out this video created about him below as he describes how capturing New York from above is like his own little private time with the city. Visit his Instagram for those views of the city you wouldn’t normally see.


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