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How We're "Plussing" Alpha Female

One of the reasons Sony Alpha camera systems are so successful is that our engineers take all user feedback into consideration when planning a product. Involving the community in our products and programs is part of the Sony Alpha DNA, so it was only natural we’d do the same with our Alpha Female program.

See how this year's Alpha Female+ program opens up more opportunities to win a $5000 grant, $3000 in Sony gear & more. 

For the past two years, since the program’s inception, we’ve heard from our community on several aspects that would build the program up to be more. As we developed this new round of the program, we wanted to stay true to our mission of changing the industry for the better, while doing it in an even more effective way. So here are the reasons this third iteration of Alpha Female is now called Alpha Female Plus.

+ Redefined Program Focus

One of the most frequent pieces of feedback was that the scope of the Creator-in-Residence programs felt outside reach for many. In addition, while reviewing applications, we found that many creators felt much more comfortable pitching clearly defined projects, vs. overarching career plans. So, we’ve decided to create Alpha Female+ in response to this need, and now the application focuses on a specific project that can be completed within the resources of the program and over a one-month time period.

+ More Opportunities

We’re offering 12 project-specific grants, which doubles the number of creators we’ll be able to put a spotlight on. The grants offer $5,000 in cash, one full-frame camera and lens system, a one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps and a one-year membership to Sony Pro Support. This makes for a well-rounded package that will allow the winning creators to see a project through to completion and build on their momentum after.

+ Longer Application Period & More Opportunities To Win

In response to creators who were not able to submit their applications in time due to the application period, we’ve created a rolling application system, where each of the 12 grants will have its own application period, and applications submitted at any time will qualify for any remaining grant opportunities. For example, if you don’t feel ready to submit your project for consideration in September, but you feel you’ll have your proposal in tip-top shape by December, you can submit it then and still be considered for the remaining grants. Also, if your project doesn’t win during the month of your submission, it may still win later on. For the specifics of all grant periods, click HERE.

+ Multiple Projects

Also, this year you’ll have an opportunity to submit multiple projects and have them all under consideration to win. This provides plenty of flexibility, as we know the muse may strike at any time. So for instance, if you submit a project in September, but you have a new idea you’d like to also pursue in December, you can submit that one as well and have it in the running for the remaining grants.

+ All Genders & Identities

Alpha Female+ has always been open to all visual content creators who can represent the female and/or minority perspective through photography or videography. The name will continue to reflect our original mission, and the Plus is a symbol of the program encompassing so much more. The bottom line is that whoever you are, you can be considered for one of the grants if your project meets the program requirements.

+ Lower Age Limit

Our previous age limit was 21, and we heard from a lot of budding creators who were keen on participating but did not meet the age requirement. So for Alpha Female+, the age limit for applying is 18 which also means that…

+ All Professional Levels

…we’re opening the program up to ALL levels of professional achievement, from students or novices, all the way to seasoned pros. While we’re still looking for people who are dedicated to the craft of photography and videography, or who want to dedicate themselves to it if provided the opportunity, the pool of candidates will be greatly expanded.

+ New Partners

We’re proud to partner with another leading brand in our industry, Adobe, who will provide our winners with one-year Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps subscriptions that will allow them to edit their projects once they’re done shooting, and then keep that editing momentum even after their projects have been completed.

+ Dedicated Filmmaker Track

This year, we’ve partnered with our sister company, Sony Pictures, and their Gemstone Studios, to support the Rising Storyteller Search, a program focused on finding the next great filmmaker. We’re thrilled to continue supporting the development of filmmakers, while clearing a path to a more robust pool of resources and experts to guide any budding filmmaker in their creative journey. If you’re a filmmaker with a great project in mind, apply HERE before the September 21 deadline.

+ Structured Creator Coverage

Every winner who completes a project in the Alpha Female+ program will be featured on AlphaUniverse.com and Sony Alpha social channels, putting them in front of millions of readers and viewers and helping elevate their profiles and work, which is a prize all onto itself in today’s virtual world.

+ You

Lastly, as a “plus” for us, I’d like to recognize and thank our Alpha Female Facebook Group for their dedication to our community, their support of the program and each other, and their constant push to make us better. We couldn’t be prouder to have you part of our Alpha Family and you’re one of our daily plusses.

If you’re not a member of our group yet, join HERE, and you’ll be the first to learn about new developments and exciting opportunities under the Alpha Female+ umbrella.

To learn more about Alpha Female+, including an FAQ set and the detailed terms and conditions, click HERE.

More questions? Join me and Artisan of Imagery Brooke Shaden on Thursday, August 27, at noon Pacific, for an open live Q&A session on all things Alpha Female+.


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