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On International Women's Day, Here's A Group Of Must-Follow Women That Will Inspire And Delight You

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to globally celebrate the achievements of women. The female creatives in our Sony Artisans of Imagery and Sony Alpha Imaging Collective programs inspire us every day, and their achievements are countless. In this article we’re featuring those female ambassadors in our Alpha family to celebrate their work and accomplishments in the industry and beyond. Learn more about each of them below and follow their accounts for more inspiring female creatives in your feed.

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate the inspiring work of some of the female creatives in the Alpha community.

Amber Baird – @amberbaird

Amber Baird is a Sony Artisan of Imagery, filmmaker and educator. She is one half of the award-winning wedding photography team Eyenamics, creating stunning wedding films and improving the industry through advanced education. She’s a seasoned pro and you can catch her sharing her expertise as a speaker at major conferences like WPPI and PhotoPlus Expo. 

Endia Beal – @endiabeal

Sony Artisan Endia Beal is an artist, speaker, educator and author. She works to reveal the often overlooked experiences unique to people of color through her photography and videography. She has released her first monograph, Performance Review, which highlights the ambitions, challenges and negotiations that women of color navigate within the workplace, and you can purchase the book here. She also had her first cover for the @financialtimes Weekend Magazine in London selected as one of the best magazine covers of 2021 by @creativereview.

Nancy Borowick – @nancyborowick

Sony Artisan Nancy Borowick is an internationally renowned photographer, author, teacher and speaker. Her work has been exhibited in over 100 cities world-wide and she has worked regularly with the New York Times since 2013. Her work tells the intimate stories of people and places from every corner of the globe. She published her first monograph, The Family Imprint, and you can learn more about it here.

Tomayia Colvin, EdD – @tomayiacolvin

Sony Artisan Tomayia Colvin, EdD creates educational platforms and safe spaces for Black and photographers of color. She’s the founder of Tomayia Colvin Education, an online learning platform providing photographers of color an opportunity to gain momentum and experience in education and speaking. She’s also the founder of The Photo Cookout, which is the first photography conference for Black photographers. Follow her on Instagram to see more of her work and for more information on the courses she provides to help you start and grow your photography business.

Zabrina Deng – @zabrinaxyz

Zabrina Deng is a Sony Artisan who has traveled the world as a wedding and engagement photographer. She is a master photographer for Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and has earned many awards from WPPI. Her work has been published in magazines like Vanity Fair, Town & Country, Cosmopolitan and more. Follow her Instagram to see how she captures couples in love and click here to keep up with the latest from Zabrina.

Katrin Eismann – @katrin_eismann

Sony Artisan Katrin Eismann is an internationally respected artist, teacher and author specializing in digital photography, imaging software and the impact of emerging technologies upon professional photographers, artists and educators. She’s currently an Adobe Product Manager and you can learn more from her and how she creates her images in her Lightroom Academy. She has a talent for composing everyday scenes into art which you’ll quickly discover on her Instagram account, like the Masonic Temple in Detroit featured in her post below. 

Sara France – @sarafrance

Sony Artisan Sara France is a renowned international-award-winning photographer, entrepreneur and speaker. Not only does she create incredible professional wedding photography, she’s also passionate about building businesses that help women succeed by providing photography and entrepreneurship resources. Catch more of her beautiful work on Instagram and visit her website for more.

Jean Fruth – @jeanfruthimages

Sony Artisan Jean Fruth is a traveling photographer for La Vida Sports and is known for her visual storytelling of baseball, from grassroots to the pros around the globe. Her work has a way of connecting baseball with the world at large, and she recently released her new book, Grassroots Baseball: Route 66, which documents baseball and Americana along Route 66, and you can pre-order it here

Caroline Jensen – @carolinej

Caroline Jensen is a Sony Artisan and creative artist. Not only does she create all kinds of beautiful photographic art, she’s also a photo instructor with a passion for guiding other people to their own versions of success. She views photography as therapeutic and making that connection between photography and stress relief is a big part of her work. Follow her on Instagram to which floral masterpiece she shares next and learn about her store, workshops and more here.

Me Ra Koh – @merakoh

Portrait photographer and Sony Artisan Me Ra Koh is a sought after keynote speaker and author. She’s passionate about building stronger families through her portraiture, and is a master storyteller who has been featured on Oprah, Live With Kelly & Ryan, and as host of Capture the Story with Me Ra Koh on Disney. Follow her on Instagram to see the beautiful connections formed through her portrait images and click here to keep up with the latest from her.

Marvi Lacar – @marvilacar

Sony Artisan Marvi Lacar is a photographer and filmmaker with the goal to emotionally connect with her audience using creative visual language. She’s covered domestic and international news and feature stories for major print publications as an editorial photographer, and has created pieces for many major brands as a director. She’s the founder of @1in20, an organization aiming to destigmatize and educate on all issues of mental health. Learn more about Marvi’s latest work here and follow her on Instagram for more of her creations and behind-the-scenes like in the post below.

Kesha Lambert – @keshalambert

Sony Artisan Kesha Lambert is an international wedding and portrait photographer based in New York. She’s a creative who’s known to push the limits, and her impressive work has appeared on the pages and covers of leading publications including Inside Weddings, Brides Magazine, Munaluchi Bride and The New York Times. Not only does she share her fabulous wedding work on her Instagram, she's also the leading wedding photographer on TikTok @keshaloveshats

Cristina Mittermeier – @mitty

Sony Artisan Cristina Mittermeier is one of the most influential conservation photographers in the world. She travels the globe, taking photographs to help tell stories that will inspire others to protect the environment. She’s the co-founder of SeaLegacy, a collective of some of the most experienced and renowned photographers, filmmakers and storytellers working on behalf of our oceans, and is currently on a four-year journey aboard their specially equipped SeaLegacy 1 sailboat. Follow her to keep up with her conservation journey.

Taylor Rees – @taylorfreesolo

Sony Artisan Taylor Rees is a documentary filmmaker and photojournalist. Her work focuses on bringing new perspectives and deeper public understanding to the complexities of issues like climate change, human rights and more. She’s recently been sharing her thoughts for the people of Ukraine and Russia, where she has visited in the past and has connected with many of the people there. Follow her to learn more about the current human and environmental issues in the world through captivating visual storytelling and visit her website to see more of her projects.

Brooke Shaden – @brookeshaden

Brooke Shaden is a self-portrait artist, speaker and Sony Artisan. For her work, Shaden aims to find beauty in darkness and radical self reflection. She explores topics such as death and grief and is fascinated by how much of ourselves we can discover within the darkness.  Check out her links here to see what Brooke has coming up next.

Monica Sigmon – @monicasigmon

Monica Sigmon is a professional portrait photographer, speaker and Sony Artisan. She speaks to professional photographers around the country about building your brand and running a luxury studio with authenticity, and her passion for it will energize any photographer. She has her own commercial photography and portrait studio @sigmontaylor where she makes iconic portraits that serve as statement pieces. See more of her work here.

Allison Anderson – @photoallison

Allison Anderson is a travel and lifestyle photographer, vlogger and member of the Alpha Collective. She creates and shares videos of her travels, mainly focusing on solo travel, that encourage her viewers to book the trip, join the club, or do whatever they need to do to increase the saturation of your entire life. See her YouTube videos, blog and more here.

Ashley Brehm – @ashleyinwanderland

Alpha Collective member Ashley Brehm is a photographer focusing on boudoir, portraits and weddings/elopements. She’s drawn to darker images, making them look romantic and dark yet still beautiful. Her Instagram account is filled with her work that captures real moments with real people making lifelong memories. See more of her work here.

Michelle Chu – @michutravel

Michelle Chu is a travel content creator and member of the Alpha Collective. She’s traveled to 80 countries and creates content for luxury travel brands that show the beauty of the places she’s visiting. She’s traveled to the Maldives many times and works with the locals to help book luxury vacations for others. Learn more about her work here.

Crissi Beth Cooper – @crissibeth

Alpha Collective member Crissi Beth Cooper is a street and travel photographer. She’s based in New York City and that’s where many of her photographs are taken, but she’s also lived in several countries and traveled to over 40 of them, so she’s taken photos all around the world which you’ll see on her Instagram. Her work often includes elements of symmetry, leading lines, vanishing points, architecture and creative environmental portraits of the human form. 

Jess Dales – @jess.wandering

Jess Dales is another travel content creator and member of the Alpha Collective. She travels from one destination to the next, posting photos of her experiences coming face-to-face with one massive grandscape after another. She also posts blogs, travels guides and FAQs that provide both travel and photography-related tips, and you can see more here.

Gina Danza – @wildgina

Gina Danza is a photographer and member of the Alpha Collective who specializes in intimate landscapes. She has a passion for sharing her intuitive art to make people feel something.  She is the top-selling Black landscape photographer and celebrates other Black artists on her Instagram too. Follow her for a closer connection with nature in your feed and purchase her prints here.

Kathryn Dyer – @kathryn_dyer

Kathryn Dyer is a landscape photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. She captures beautiful landscape scenes which she often posts with quotes relevant to the photo to really make you think. She’s a lover of life and it shines through in her stunning landscape photography. You can learn more about Kathryn Dyer in this episode of Behind The Lens from Adorama.

Paola Franqui – @monaris_

Paola Franqui is a street photographer, Lightroom ambassador and member of the Alpha Collective. Franqui’s imagery provides a captivating glimpse at those ordinary moments in time by showing the complexity and diversity of humans interacting with the world. Storytelling is a key element she emphasizes through her work, and she recently debuted her first photography book Mementos that you can order here.

Lizzy Gadd – @elizabethgadd

Lizzy Gadd is a self-portrait artist and member of the Alpha Collective. A lover of nature, animals and adventure, Gadd’s imagery puts you into otherworldly scenes with them all. Dreamy poses in front of magical landscapes make her Instagram an enjoyable one to follow. She’s also recently been posting incredible videos of her travels on YouTube and you can learn more about that and how to purchase her prints and NFTs here.

Renee Hahnel – @reneeroaming

Renee Hahnel is a travel content creator and member of the Alpha Collective. She explores all the corners of the natural world and shares those beautiful views with her followers. She created @roamingamericabook of her journey to all of the national parks in the United States and you can see more of her travel guides and YouTube videos here.

Jessica Hirsch – @cheatdayeats

Alpha Collective member Jessica Hirsch is the photographer behind her @cheatdayeats lifestyle brand and digital production company. She creates highly visual and dynamic images and videos of dishes from various restaurants, typically posting them with recipes on Instagram so you can recreate the delicious dish yourself. She also recently dropped a collection inspired by her love for Elm Street Diner and their over the top milkshakes with apparel company HYPER iCONiC, and you can find the entire line here.

Jane Kim – @_janekim

Alpha Collective member Jane Kim is a fashion, lifestyle and travel photographer. She’s created work for a number of high profile editorial and commercial clients, with much of her creative inspiration drawn from the people and landscape of New York City. She recently photographed New York Fashion Week and you can see some of the stunning images she captured in her post below.

Tiffany Nguyen – @tiffpenguin

Alpha Collective member Tiffany Nguyen is a dentist and adventure travel photographer. Nguyen’s passion for discovering new places and immersing herself in unfamiliar cultures is what fuels her travel, adventure, landscape, and lifestyle photography. She’s worked with many brands and tourism boards, like in her post below with @MazdaUSA. See more of her travel photography here.

Ashley Noel – @nyroamer

Ashley Noel is a hobbyist photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. She lives in the photographer’s paradise of New York City which she beautifully captures, but her passion for traveling and capturing new places is really what drives her photography. Follow her Instagram for more images from the Big Apple like in her post below, as well as visually compelling travel photography from around the globe.

Ananya Ray – @ananya.ray

Ananya Ray is a travel content creator and member of the Alpha Collective. She jetsets around the world, showcasing her travel diary on Instagram. From elegant restaurants in Paris to flowing waterfalls in Iceland, she captures it all in dynamic videos that she shares with her followers. Look at the beautiful colors in her moving post from Kirkjufell below. 

Sapna Reddy – @sapnareddy

Sapna Reddy of the Alpha Collective splits her time between being a radiologist and a photographer. She says, “As a radiologist I analyze images in an attempt to achieve cure. As a photographer I aspire to generate images that help to heal the mind.” Her photography does just that, as each image is a full immersion into the nature that surrounds us. She travels to beautiful natural places around the world and shares her photography as well as behind the scenes videos on Instagram. Learn more about registering for her workshops or purchasing her prints here.

Rachel Jones Ross – @rachel_jones_ross

Alpha Collective member and photographer Rachel Jones Ross is known for her magical night photography in her home of the Canadian Rockies. While her photography extends far beyond nightscapes, she finds the most inspiration when she’s under the Milky Way. She also shares her expertise of photographing the Canadian Rockies in her workshops. See more of her work here and check out her latest online night photography workshop here.

Jessica Santos – @missjessbess

Jessica Santos of the Alpha Collective calls herself a wanderer at heart. She adventures throughout the West, capturing landscape and astrophotography that put the vibrant colors of the day and starry glow of the night in the desert on display. She’s a believer in #CommunityOverCompetition, and she’s teaming up with other photographers in the industry for workshops which you can learn more about at oneloveart.co. See more of her work, register for workshops or purchase her prints here.

Kristen Sarah – @hopscotchtheglobe

Alpha Collective member Kristen Sarah is a travel content creator who documents and shares her travel adventures on her YouTube Channel and across social media. She’s currently documenting her life full time #AirstreamLiving while building her dream home in an eco-community in Costa Rica. See more of what she’s up to here and check out her Instagram to learn more about how you can join her on her trip to Costa Rica in November.

Charly Savely – @charlysavely

Charly Savely is a full time photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. Her work focuses on adventure, travel, wildlife and conservation photography. She calls Alaska home and is no stranger to heading out in extreme weather to photograph the outdoors. She’s a love of animals and her photography gives a face-to-face look at different wildlife, providing an up-close view that connects you with the animal. She teaches workshops around the globe, and you can learn more about registering for those or purchasing her prints here.

Autumn Schrock – @autpops

Alpha Collective member Autumn Shrock is a full time photographer and designer specializing in outdoor lifestyle, travel and landscape photography, as well as visual, motion and UI design. She has a passion for all things outdoors and collaborates with brands around the world to bring ideas to life through visual storytelling. Learn more about her workshops, purchase her prints and check out her blog here.

Victoria Siemer – @witchoria

Victoria Siemer, also known as Witchoria, is a visual artist and member of the Alpha Collective. She creates surreal photo manipulations that combine photography and the digital realm, typically focusing on things like ennui, existential crisis and heartbreak. See more of her work here.

Cath Simard – @cathsimard

Alpha Collective member Cath Simard is a photographer, composite artist and workshop leader. She creates beautiful astro-landscape composites, often capturing the colors of the northern lights or glow of the Milky Way. She’s also in the NFT space, and you can learn more about that, sign up for her workshops and see more of her work here. Her beautiful capture below was posted as an NFT with @superrare.co.

Erin Sullivan – @erinoutdoors

Alpha Collective member Erin Sullivan is a travel content creator learning and sharing stories of the places she visits. Her travel photography puts the true beauty of nature on display, and at the start of the pandemic she began creating landscape scenes using miniatures and other items from home. Her work in this realm has since taken off, and she’s partnered with many brands to create videos of this style with them, like in the video below with @aspiration.

Laura Lawson Visconti – @lauralawsonvisconti

Alpha Collective member Laura Lawson Visconti is a travel content creator who loves to tell the stories that inevitably crop up when travel and adventure intersect. She’s also the co-founder of @drinkcoffee_dostuff, a specialty coffee roastery in Lake Tahoe where she resides. Follow her life by the mountains on her Instagram and see more of her work here.

Shauna Wade – @so.shauna

Shauna Wade is a travel, lifestyle and street photographer and a member of the Alpha Collective. She captures seemingly normal scenes on the streets and on her travels in an artistic way that makes them stand out. She founded @moodygrams and @moodyports, photography communities sharing the work of moody, artistic and emotive photography.


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