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Instagram Follow Friday – Feb 1, 2019

In this edition of Instagram Follow Friday, we have a Sony photographer creating stunning portraits, another uniquely using light to make some really cool images and one who wants you to get lost outside exploring. You’ll also see one of the Alpha Collective members who went on the #BeAlphaHawaii trip and a Sony Artisan capturing couples in love all over the world. Make sure you tag your own Sony photos on Instagram with #BeAlpha and follow @SonyAlpha for your own chance to be featured.

Among this week’s highlighted photographers is this member of the Alpha Imaging Collective who beautifully documents his travels with images from National Parks, tropical islands and much more. He also records and posts captivating videos of his adventures in his Instagram stories.

Keydrin Keylo Franklin – @924photography

Keydrin is a photographer who posts stunning portraits, usually taken with his Sony α7R III. What’s really cool about his account is that he includes BTS photos that show his gear setup and how he was able to capture the photo. With subjects in front of scenes ranging from city streets to fields and forests, these portraits are never boring. Give him a follow to see more.

View this post on Instagram “The Wild Wild West” Damn, I got so many bangers while out in West Texas with the team! @styledbystiles is the real MVP because it was cold as hell! Sony A7riii + Sigma MC-11 + Sigma 135mm f/1.8 Art on @benrousa tripod. ISO:50 1/8000sec f/2 Trigger: Godox XPro 1x Godox AD600pro camera left in @cheetahstand Q32x48 “The Window Light” signal diffused at full power. Handheld by Juan on photoflex litereach pole. Rim Light: The Sun You can learn to color grade like me link in bio. #sony #sonya7riii #sonyimages #sonyportraits #sonyalpha #godoxad600pro #cheetahstand #sigma #sigma135mmart #moodygrams #moodyports #fortworthphotographer #dallasphotographer #instagram #instagood #offcameraflash #fwcamera #fwcameraambassador #benrotripod #wildwildwest #lightshapers A post shared by Keydrin Keylo Franklin (@924photography) on Jan 15, 2019 at 10:42am PST

Gregg Jaden – @gjaden

Gregg is a member of the #AlphaCollective and one of the lucky few who went on the #BeAlphaHawaii trip with the Be Alpha Challenge Winners. His account beautifully documents his travels, boasting images from National Parks, tropical islands and much more. He also records and posts captivating videos of his adventures in his Instagram stories – so make sure you don’t miss those! Photo below taken with the Sony α7R III and Sony 12-24mm f/4 G lens.

View this post on Instagram On my trip to Hawaii with @sonyalpha ~~ This day was such an epic day. We were on our way to another location at the top of a mountain. Our plan was to shoot the view after a hike, however, the rain and heavy clouds made us turn back around and head back down the windy road. .we then remembered another spot on the way down and quickly stopped to see what was up. This shot was taken at our spur of the moment location on the way back down on the mountain. We Quickly stopped at the side of the highway to hike in a little only to find this. I know I say this a lot but when something isn’t working out on your photo excursions… them know that something killer is right around the corner. I don’t get many rainbows where I come from in fact I can’t even recall how many I’ve seen in my entire life… But this one which is technically two rainbows if you can see the second just above the main one which made the perfect frame. #bealphahawaii #bealpha shot using Sony a7rIII 12-24mm lens shot at 16mm ISO 100 1/250 sec at F9 A post shared by GreggJaden (@gjaden) on Jan 31, 2019 at 2:56am PST

Amatou – @amatou0429

Amatou is a Tokyo-based photographer who uses his Sony α7 III to capture landscapes, cityscapes and street photography. Many of his photos include an interesting use of light that adds a uniqueness you just don’t see on every Instagram account. He has a great variety of images, from the bustling city and its people to the serenity and solitude of nature. Give him a follow to see more of his impressive work.

View this post on Instagram . Innumerable light✨ . みなさまお久しぶりです! 日曜日に今年初の遠征から帰ってきた後、バタンキューしていて今週丸々休養してきました? ほんと死ぬかと思った〜? インフルも流行っているようなのでみなさまお気をつけください? . とりあえず6割くらいは復活したので、またコメントのお返しをしっかりできるようにします??‍♂️ . そこで今日やっとこの前の遠征で撮った写真を取り込めたのでup もう超有名な妻籠宿ですが、もうスマホでもいいくらい素晴らしい光景&沢山の方が既に撮られているので、レタッチで自分色を出すことで少し違った感じに見せられたらなと思いました(難しかった??‍♂️) . ほんと素晴らしい光景でした✨ A post shared by Amatou (@amatou0429) on Jan 18, 2019 at 2:01am PST

Leandro Hoshina – @wanderlustseason

Leandro is passionate about travel and it’s easy to see that passion through the photos posted on his account. There’s no doubt he’s living the #BeAlpha lifestyle, with photos from Morocco, Egypt, Iceland, Switzerland and much more. In addition to his photos (taken on either his Sony NEX-F3 or Sony α7), we also love what’s written in his bio: “It's all right, it's out there. Go and get lost…”

View this post on Instagram One of the Iceland set locations from the Game of Thrones last episode, how on earth does one pronounce it? A bit complicated place to get to during the beginning of march as there was way too much ice on the road #tbt #iceland #canion #ice #gameofthrones #ig_shotz #travel #adventure #picoftheday #photooftheday #instatravel #landscape #alphacollective #sonya7 #sonyalpha #sonyimages A post shared by Leandro Hoshina (@wanderlustseason) on Aug 26, 2017 at 4:16am PDT

Zabrina Deng – @zabrinaxyz

Zabrina is a Sony Artisan who has traveled the world as a wedding and engagement photographer. She puts a lot of thought into her captures of couples which makes them very unique. Her Instagram stories are filled with helpful BTS footage and awesome highlight videos. She caught this beautiful twirling photo below using her Sony α9 and Sony 24-70 f/2.8 G Master lens.

View this post on Instagram Bring on your flamenco moves & dance the night away into the New Years. My wish for the 2019 is to be able to dance in the rain, laugh while in pain, remain calm in chaos. Big waves and challenges are coming still be able to handle them with grace & elegance. . . . . . Photographed for Prewedding client in @visitseville Seville Spain in Oct. Hair & Makeup by @reese.cheuk.makeup | @sonyalpha #a9 | 24-70F2.8GM | #sonyalpha #bealpha #spain?? #prewedding #spainprewedding #howheasked #weddingplanner #destinationwedding #spainwedding #spaintravel #traveltospain #fearlessphotographer #rfwppi @rfwppi #rfpotd @instagram #instagram @sonyalphaweddings #WHPresolution2019 A post shared by Zabrina Deng (@zabrinaxyz) on Jan 3, 2019 at 9:21pm PST


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