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Instagram Follow Friday – March 29, 2019

This week’s Instagram Follow Friday features an Alpha Collective member posting photos of the future, another member who is sharing his colorful adventures around the world and a Sony Artisan teaching about different cultures through his photos. You’ll also find a few other Sony shooters who have taken the #SonyAlpha movement to heart with their breathtaking landscape shots. Like what you see? You can be featured on Alpha Universe too! Just make sure you tag your Sony photos with #SonyAlpha and follow @sonyalpha.

Abel Perez – @abel.psd

Abel is a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective and his otherworldly style of photography makes his account a fun one to follow. He utilizes interesting angles and light to create cityscapes and portraits that seriously look like they’re from the future. The photo below he recently posted as a throwback to his trip to Spain with the Alpha Collective (#AICdoesSpain). It was taken with the Sony α7R III.

Mallory – @hello_mallory

Take one look at Mallory’s account and #BeAlpha immediately comes to mind. Based in Colorado, her photos capture the scenery while she traverses beautiful mountains and forests. You won’t believe the breathtaking landscapes she’s encountered, but thanks to her Sony α7 III she’s able to share them with the world in all of their glory. Check out her account and be sure to follow along on her next adventure.

Shawn Walters – @lifeandmylens

Shawn is another member of the #AlphaCollective. On his account, you’ll find image after image of Shawn’s travels, many including his wife Ali (@loveandmylens). They’re always taken in some of the most beautiful and interesting places, with mesmerizing scenery and lighting. Thailand, Iceland, Singapore, Myanmar...these are just a few of the places he’s traveled to and captured. Give him a follow for more fun travel photos that will make you ready to start planning your next trip!

John – @thewanderlustingphotographer

As you scroll through John’s account, you’ll very quickly see that his handle @thewanderlustingphotographer is a perfect fit. He travels around, often to National Parks, capturing eye-opening landscapes with his Sony α7R II. He also posts fun Instagram stories while on his adventures so you can follow along behind the scenes. Check him out and give his account a follow!

Ira Block – @irablockphoto

Ira Block is a Sony Artisan Of Imagery and National Geographic photographer. A quick scroll through his Instagram account shows a colorful variety of places and cultures. Just make sure that as you scroll, you’re paying attention to where you’re walking so you don’t end up in the same lens catastrophe that Ira shared with us last week. The photo below was taken in Cambodia using his Sony α9.


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