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Instagram Follow Friday: Holiday Lights Edition

It’s the holiday season and everywhere you turn there are the lights of the season. Photographers always seem to find new and exciting ways to incorporate colorful holiday lights into their work this time of year, and we’ve picked out a few of our recent favorites on Instagram to feature. Get into the holiday spirit and give them a follow! Then make sure you’re following @sonyalpha for more great photos from Sony shooters every day. Most importantly, don’t forget to tag your Sony photos with #BeAlpha – you could be featured one week too!

James C. – @jamesc.photos

James is a Sony portrait photographer based in France. If you scroll through his account, you’ll find all kinds of stunning portrait shots with the most recent having subjects in front of holiday lights. One thing that’s nice about twinkling holiday lights is their creation of a creamy, colorful bokeh background, and James finds ways to use it wonderfully. For the portrait below, he used the Sony α7 III.


Dorian Pellumbi – @dorpell

Dorian is a travel photographer based in Italy. His account has an abundance of twinkling holiday light photos, each with a unique angle and look. He let us in on some of his tips for capturing such magical holiday moments. The photo below was taken with his Sony α7R II.
Check out some more of his work and follow along on his travels. Also check out Dorian's article on how to photograph the Holiday Season here on Alpha Universe.



Sara Filosi – @sara_filosi

Sara is a photographer with a Sony α6000 and a hunger for documenting her adventures. You’ll find mostly street photography on her account, and we love this beautiful ornament decoration she captured on a tree-lined sidewalk. Give her a follow to see more of what city life is like during the holidays.



Brad Knight – @bknight77

Brad Knight loves to capture memories, and the holiday season is filled with them. On his account you’ll find beautiful portraits, landscapes, street photography and more. As a Sony photographer in Chicago, he captures the charm that lights up the city this time of year. He also owns the account @weownthenight_chi, which is even more proof that capturing city lights are kind of his thing. Give Brad a follow to experience the Windy City in all its holiday glory.



Flavio徳永 – @hiko21

Flavio is a hobbyist photographer living in China. Using his Sony α6000, he captures some really incredible scenery. Vibrant colors and incredible use of natural light is what you’ll see as you scroll through his account. We love this photo of the sparkling lights in Bihoku Hillside Park in Japan!




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