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Instagram Follow Friday – December 14, 2018

More photographers are joining the #SonyAlpha movement each day. Stepping into the future without fear, exploring the unknown, pushing the limits and capturing it all along the way. For this week’s Instagram Follow Friday, we have a group of travel and adventure photographers who are definitely living the #SonyAlpha life. Check out these Sony shooters if you’ve been looking for the motivation to finally take that trip. Once you’ve followed them, make sure you’re following @sonyalpha for more featured photos from Sony photographers every day. Tag your photos with #SonyAlpha for your chance to be featured in the future!

Alpha Universe's Follow Friday showcases a group of #SonyAlpha photographers who are stepping into the future without fear, exploring the unknown and pushing the limits.

Gretchell – @grexplore

Gretchell is based in San Diego, California, but her travel photography shows that she’s always on the move. Capturing snapshots of beautiful landscapes and more from around the world with her Sony α7 II, it’s obvious she has embraced the #SonyAlpha lifestyle. Give her a follow to keep up with her travels and to see the gorgeous sites through the lens of a Sony!



Andy Mann – @andy_mann

Andy is a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective and is an adventure and ocean photographer. He documents a lot for @natgeo and @sealegacy, and travels to some extreme locations. If you want to know more about the gear that he takes with him on his adventures, read his latest What’s In My Bag article for his underwater, climbing expedition and advanced basecamp kits. The photo below of a humpback whale at the Antarctic Peninsula was taken with the Sony α9.



Avi Prasad – @adventureravi

Avi is another Sony shooter with a clear sense of adventure (it’s even in his Instagram handle). You’ll find breathtaking landscapes from all over when you look at his account, as well as some impressive astroscapes. The one below was taken with the Sony α7R III. Give him a follow for not just beautiful photos, but also inspiring captions.



Charly Savely – @charlysavely

Charly is based in the Pacific Northwest and another member of the #AlphaCollective. Right away when you look at her photos you can see her adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors shining through. If you scroll through her account you’ll find brilliant mountain ranges, pristine lakes, colorful forests and the occasional wild animal. She took the adorable grey fox photo below in Argentina with the α7 III.



Peter McBride – @pedromcbride

Peter is a Sony Artisan and @natgeo photographer based in Colorado. If you want to see a true example of a #SonyAlpha leader, he is certainly one of them. Peter has been to over 75 countries on assignment and uses his Instagram account to share his adventures and inform people about the importance of conservation. Capturing different parts of the world and its varying environments and cultures, his photographs always tell a story we otherwise may have never heard.





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