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Instagram Follow Friday September 28, 2018

Before the weekend hits, we like to feature a few of our favorite Sony shooters as a part of our Instagram Follow Friday series. This week you’ll find a lineup of truly inspiring photography accounts, including an Alpha Collective member who is also a cancer survivor and brings comfort to others through her photos, a Sony Artisan and mentor in Sony’s glass-ceiling-shattering Alpha Female program, and even an adventurous Wolfdog named Loki! Don’t forget to tag your own posts on Instagram with #BeAlpha and follow @SonyAlpha for your own chance to be featured.


Kathryn Dyer – @kathryn_dyer

As her Instagram bio states, Sony Alpha Imaging Collective member Kathryn is a Californian, cancer survivor and lover of life. She uses natural lighting to capture dreamy shots of nature. Whether it be the sun’s rays shining through the branches of a dense forest or bouncing off the ocean’s waters, her posts combined with her inspirational outlook will make you want to get outside and fully embrace life.



Garðar Ólafs Photography – @gardarolafsphotography

Garðar is a full time freelance photographer and videographer. Born and raised in Iceland, he often posts beautiful aerial captures of the country. He also doesn’t miss the opportunity to get out during Northern Lights season, as you’ll see his account features a variety of breathtaking images of the phenomena.



Brooke Shaden – @brookeshaden

Brooke is a Sony Artisan and one of the incredible mentors for the Sony Alpha Female program. With over 207k followers, it’s clear that Brooke’s fine art photography and mission to share passion resonates with many creators across the platform. Brooke specializes in self-portraiture and her work is often dark and whimsical in a way that people feel connected to. Her Instagram stories often give great behind-the-scenes looks into her creations and it’s awesome to see them from start-to-finish.



Kenneth Hines, Jr. – @professorhines

Ken is another member of the Alpha Collective and you’ll find fantastic street photography, cityscapes and portraiture on his account. He’s also a pro at using natural lighting or moving water to capture stunning long exposure images. You can learn some of his secrets for these in his latest post for AlphaUniverse.com: 4 Must-Haves For Long Exposure Sunrises & Sunsets.



Loki The Wolfdog – @loki

How can you not follow this adorable account? Follow Loki The Wolfdog on his adventures as his human Kelly Lund (@sharktoof) documents the many places they visit. And in case you missed our story on Loki The Wolfdog and his rise to Instagram fame, you can check it out here.




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