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Instagram Follow Friday – Get Ready For Summer Travel

As summer approaches, the travel bug tends to kick in full force for adventurous Sony photographers. Those equipped with Sony Alpha cameras and lenses already hear the ringing of the #BeAlpha movement, and one way they answer the call is by getting outside of their comfort zone, exploring new places and capturing different scenes. This week we feature Sony travel and tourism photographers who are doing just that. Give them a follow and make sure you check out these five budget-friendly Sony lenses for travel to document your own jet setting journeys.

Follow @sonyalpha and tag your own Sony photos on Instagram with #BeAlpha for your chance to be featured!

Jeremy Martin – @live_free_run_far

Jeremy is a Sony travel photographer with a motto of “live free and run far.” His account contains epic landscape and astroscape shots. With him or others usually included as the subject, his photos have a way of showing the true magnitude of the area he’s traveling. The photo below was taken in Canyonlands National Park and is a stack exposure of 35, two-minute long exposures using a Sony α6000.

Drew Geraci – @drewgiggity

Drew Geraci is a Sony Artisan of Imagery and a pro on the go, with his work taking him from place to place to capture high-end timelapse. Drew is one of the world’s leading timelapse filmmakers and shoots some incredible scenes on his travels. You can learn more about his process for timelapse in this article and see what he carries in his bag for his high-end timelapse kit here. The photo below was taken using his Sony α7R III combined with the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master. To get your Sony camera dialed in for timelapse, check out our article on 10 Setup Tips For Timelapse With A Sony Camera.

Austin O’Connor – @atayloroconnor

Austin is a Sony photographer and his Instagram account contains a plethora of gorgeous landscapes from both his travels and his home in West Virginia (he’s also the content creator for @wvtourism). This beautiful sunset photo below was taken at Driftwood Beach in Jekyll Island, GA using his Sony α6500. Give him a follow for more stunning natural scenery in your feed.

Kristen Sarah – @hopscotchtheglobe

Kristen is another member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective and a total expert when it comes to travel. She’s currently in Guatemala on a group trip and has spent the last week climbing active volcanoes, riding on the back of pickup trucks and giving back to the local communities. There’s never a dull moment with a traveler like Kristen – make sure you follow her account as she hopscotches the globe!

Michelle Chu – @michutravel

A member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective, Michelle is addicted to living and capturing the island life. She has traveled to over 65 countries and with one look at her photos of crystal clear waters and luxury hotels, you’ll be ready to plan your next escape to an exotic place. She’s currently exploring different Greek islands and sharing beautiful views like the one below:


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