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Into The Wild: Add These Wildlife & Conservation Photographers To Your Instagram Feed

Now that we have entered the warmer months, we are starting to see wildlife more frequently. From hiking and camping in the wilderness to hanging in your backyards and neighborhoods – wildlife is all around us. Even with their presence known, actually getting a good wildlife image can be a unique challenge. Many species hide in plain sight and are quick moving. It takes a great deal of patience, persistence and passion to make imagery of wildlife. These wildlife photographers have found that they need gear that helps them rather than hinders them – from silent shooting to high frame count – only the Sony gear can keep up.

Check out these wildlife photographers who are using cameras like the Sony Alpha 1 and Sony Alpha 7R IV paired with lenses like the Sony 400mm f/2.8 G Master and Sony 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G to make successful wildlife images. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to add their work to your daily feed and to get some tips on upping your own wildlife photography game. Tag your Sony photography posts with #BeAlpha for a chance to be featured and follow @sonyalpha for your daily dose of photography inspiration.

Check out these wildlife photographers to see what images they’re making and get some tips on upping your wildlife photography game.

Colby Brown – @colbybrownphotography

Sony Artisan of Imagery Colby Brown is a photographer and teacher who focuses on wildlife, travel, landscape, and humanitarian photography. Brown focuses his efforts on connecting the audience with his imagery and helping them feel that passion for wildlife that he feels. While he was visiting Grimsey Island in Northern Iceland he photographed these puffins using his Sony Alpha 1 and the Sony 400mm f/2.8 G Master lens. He says that “These incredible birds are a blast to photograph given their individual personalities, colorful look and incredible flight speed.” He breaks down his tips for photographing wildlife and dealing with their speed and unpredictability in his article How To Set Up Your Camera For Wildlife Photography.

Charly Savely – @charlysavely

Alpha Collective member Charly Savely focuses her photography on adventure, travel, wildlife and fine art photography. She is known for her minimalistic composition and bright color palette. Based in Alaska, Savely’s work feels dreamy and otherworldly. In a recent interview on the Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast, Savely gave advice for aspiring wildlife photographers stating, “I think just starting small - encountering wildlife on the hikes I’m on or seeing what happens in my backyard… really trains you in photographing them and learning how to approach them… lots of research is also a really smart thing to do.” 

Melissa Groo – @melissagroo

Melissa Groo is a wildlife conservation photographer and writer as well as a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) and an instructor with Summit Photography Workshops. Groo is considered an expert in wildlife ethics writing and speaking on the topic frequently. She has recently switched to Sony and she has found the silent shutter critical in leaving her subjects undisturbed. She explains, “The silent shutter thing is so key to me. I work a lot from blinds, and I'll spend hours in a blind waiting for a fox to show up. Before, the fox would show up and I would hit the hammer on the Nikon D850, and that was it. The animal would just totally take off. I just couldn’t do that anymore, and the silent shutter from the Sony system blew me away.” Read more about why she switched systems HERE

Nathan and Jess Jones – @nathan_and_jess_jones

Nathan and Jessica Jones are amateur bird and wildlife photographers from Leicestershire, England. Using the Sony Alpha 7R IV and Sony Alpha 9 combined with the Sony 400mm f/2.8 G Master and Sony 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G, the two love to capture images of wildlife in their natural habitat. Learn more about their carefully-chosen kit in their What's In My Bag article and follow their Instagram for more.

Lydia Ripplinger – @lydebug

Lydia Ripplinger is a wildlife photographer based in Provo, Utah. Ripplinger’s goal with her photography is to “bring animals’ stories to life, helping educate and delight many who would never otherwise experience the raw, wild, and beautiful animal side of nature.” Check out Ripplinger’s gear in her What's In My Bag article and be sure to follow her on Instagram to add some great photography to your feed! 

Sebastian Kennerknecht – @pumapix

Photographer Sebastian Kennerknecht uses four pillars in his work: photographing wildlife, science, threats, and conservation. He combines these pillars in his photo projects to tell compelling stories of conservation. Kennerknecht is a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) and on the Advisory board of Girls Who Click. Kennerknecht describes his work by stating, “my photography is my best tool for doing what I care about most, conserving and protecting wildlife in peril.” 

Samantha Stephens – @samanthastephens_

iLCP member, Girls Who Click ambassador and National Geographic Explorer Samantha Stephens is a conservation, science, and wildlife photographer based in Ontario, Canada. Stephens began her career as a scientist but quickly saw a gap in communicating the scientific efforts to the general public. She then shifted gears, becoming a photographer focused on science communication. Stephens is most well-known for her images of juvenile Spotted Salamanders falling prey to a pitcher plant; which feel like something out of a movie! Be sure to follow Stephens on Instagram for more eye-catching science images! 

Ryan Tidman – @ryantidman

Ryan Tidman is a wildlife and nature photographer based in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. After studying Environmental Sciences and Visual Communications at the University of Guelph and the Royal Ontario Museum, Tidman spent over three years working with National Geographic photographers and Sony Artisans Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier and their ocean conservation non-profit, SeaLegacy. Tidmans Instagram is full of stunning images of the landscape and wildlife of British Columbia. Scrolling his page feels like taking a trip, give him a follow to experience it for yourself! 

Sandesh Kadur – @sandesh_kadur

Photographer and Filmmaker, Sandesh Kadur has worked with National Geographic, BBC Earth, Disney+, Netflix, and others to tell stories about wildlife all over the world, but primarily in his home country of India. Kadur shoots with the Sony Alpha 1. Follow his feed to see his beautiful wildlife photos and videos and perhaps some of his humor along the way! 

Benjamin Olson – @benjaminolsonphotography

Benjamin Olson is a photographer focused on wildlife, Boreal Forests, and climate change. Soon, he is embarking on a camping and photography trip to Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska where he will deploy 5 camera traps and begin a two year long project. Follow his Instagram for some incredible wildlife images and to stay up to date on his projects! 


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