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Picture Paw-fect: See How These Pet Photographers Create Photos Of Our Furry Friends

Pet photography is an incredibly fun and rewarding way to capture the adorable moments and unique personalities of our furry friends. And with their fast Animal Eye autofocus, high-resolution sensors, and excellent low-light performance, Sony cameras and lenses are equipped to capture every wag of the tail and playful leap with stunning clarity and detail. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, YouTube is a treasure trove of knowledge for learning pet photography techniques. From composition tips to lighting tricks and posing ideas, there are countless tutorials and channels dedicated to helping you unleash your inner pet paparazzi. So grab your camera, watch a few tutorials, and get ready to capture those timeless memories that will make you smile for years to come!

For beginners or seasoned pros, we've rounded up some YouTubers sharing knowledge about gear and tips for pet photography.

Jason Vong

Jason Vong is a YouTuber and content creator who creates videos that show his travels, provide creative advice, or go behind the scenes of his artistic adventures. It’s not all vlogger style videos with Jason, he also creates beautiful cinematic footage using his knowledge of the gear and his ability to create an epic Sony system rig. In the video below, Jason breaks down the best cameras for photographing their pets. He lists the Sony ZV-E10, Sony Alpha 6100, Sony ZV-1, Sony RX100 VII, Sony Alpha 7C and Sony Alpha 7 III. If you’re looking to start a TikTok or Petstagram account, you absolutely must check out this video!

Monique Renee

Monique Renee is a professional pet and people photographer and videographer based out of Loveland, Colorado. She describes her YouTube channel as, “A place where Pet Photographers - Learn, are Inspired and Belong.” She shares a ton of knowledge through her videos, covering everything from business tips to technical skills. In the video below, Monique takes us inside her camera bag and walks through the gear she uses to make purrrrrfect pet pictures. She recently upgraded to the Sony Alpha 1, which she describes as “a dream in every sense.” She also uses the Sony Alpha 9 II, Sony Alpha 7R IV, and the Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master.

Inspawration Photography

Emily Abrahams is the voice behind Inspawration Photography, she is a fine art pet photographer based in Trier, Germany. Her YouTube channel is focused on, “pet photography education, from behind-the-scenes and behind the lens advice and information, photography school and Learning Community, and editing videos and information to help you take and create incredible images of your pets.” In the video below, Emily is out in the field, scouting for good shooting locations with her two pups. It’s great to see her process; how she cleans up a scene, interacts with dogs, composes images, and even edits. All the images in this video were taken on her Sony Alpha 7 III and Sony 85mm f/1.8 lens. She also uses the Sony 135mm f/1.8 G Master quite frequently.

Shane Bethlehem

Shane Bethlehem is a Canadian photographer and videographer based out of Hamilton, Ontario. His channel is dedicated to camera gear, learning about photography, and the tech he frequently uses. Shane is a bit of a generalist photographer, shooting everything from weddings to corporate events to portraiture. The video below breaks down the technical aspects of photography, including the settings he recommends, lighting setups, and his recommended gear. Shane uses the Sony Alpha 7R III, Sony Alpha 7 III, and the Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master.

ZY Cheng

ZY Cheng’s YouTube channel is many photographers go-to spot for all things tech and gear related. He breaks everything down in a fun, relatable, and easy to understand way… which is clear from his nearly 170K subscribers!  In the video below, ZY gives 5 tips to take better photos of pets, featuring his adorable kitten! One of his main tips is to use cameras that have anime eye autofocus, to really lock in focus, even if your pet is moving around. He lists the cameras with that capability at the time the video was released: Sony Alpha 9 II, Sony Alpha 6600, Sony Alpha 6100, Sony Alpha 9, Sony Alpha 7R IV, Sony Alpha 7R III, Sony Alpha 7 III, Sony Alpha 6400, Sony RX100 VII, Sony RX10 IV.


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