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See How These Photographers Make Portraits That Pop On Instagram

A good portrait is one that captures the character of the subject and connects it with the viewer. This week we’re featuring a group of Sony photographers who have snapped people pictures that pop. Check out these accounts and give them a follow, then make sure you tag your own Sony shots on Instagram with #BeAlpha for the chance to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com, and give @sonyalpha a follow for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

Tag your Sony shots with #BeAlpha for the chance to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com, and follow @sonyalpha for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

Ari Weiss – @ari.weiss

Ari is a member of the Alpha Collective based in New York City. His account is filled with bold and statement-making portraits. Whether it be in front of a wall, on a staircase or in the middle of the streets, Ari finds a way to make his portraits interesting and appealing. The shot below is from his first cover story with Bello Mag, and the cover shot was taken with the Sony α7R II and Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master. Learn more about the gear he uses for portraits in his What’s In My Bag article.

Miguel Quiles – @miguelquilesjr

Miguel is a professional photographer based in New Jersey whose portrait techniques have made him one of the most in-demand photographers in the field. The Sony Artisan’s account is filled with beautiful portraits taken both in the studio and on location. You can learn more about his workflow for portrait sessions here and see which Sony lenses he chooses for his portrait photography here. He also shares his 5 tips for better portraits in this video and you can give him a follow for more beautiful people pictures.

Dan Joyce – @danjoyce

Dan is a Houston-based lifestyle and editorial photographer and another member of the Alpha Collective. As you scroll through his account you’ll see a variety of thoughtful landscapes, portraits and more that are all done in his own unique style that offers a sense of familiarity. Check out the Sony portrait he shot below and give his account a follow for more.

Ashley Jacklyn – @jacklynlune.photos

Ashley is a #SonyAlphaFemale photographer based in Jersey City. Her photography mainly focuses on fashion and editorial work, lifestyle and stylized portraiture and skin retouching. As you scroll through her account you’ll see a number of beautiful, inspiring and magical portraits that truly connect with the subject and make them come to life. She took this colorful portrait below using her Sony α7R III and Sony 85mm f/1.8. 

Takuro Yamamoto – @takur03

Takuro is a Sydney-based Sony portrait photographer. His Instagram account features beautiful on-location portraits, each with a unique background, prop or angle to make every photo stand out on its own. He also posts Instagram stories from behind the scenes of his portrait shoots and shares edit lapses so you can see the process from start to finish. He took the photo below using his Sony α7 II.


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