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See How These Photographers & Filmmakers Set Up The Sony Alpha 7CR For Street, Travel, Action & More

The Sony Alpha 7CR is the choice camera for many content creators because of its high-resolution capabilities in such a small and compact form factor. Below we have a group of videos featuring Sony Alpha 7CR users sharing how they set up their camera to use. Watch to learn how you can set yours up for sports photography, for video, and even how to turn screen reading technology on in your menu settings. Check them out and learn more about the Sony Alpha 7CR HERE.

See the camera setup tricks and hacks these photographers and video shooters put into play as they dive deep into the Sony Alpha 7CR menus.

Patrick Murphy-Racey – Sony Alpha 7CR Menu Settings For Sports, Action & Performance

Sports photographer and Sony Artisan Patrick Murphy-Racey is a big fan of the Sony Alpha 7CR for his work. “With the ability to shoot at 10 frames per second and offer great quality low light images, the Sony Alpha 7CR is a great option for shooting sports, action and performance photos even in low light situations.” In the video below he provides you with a great starting point for setting up your camera along with advice on tailoring it to suit your specific needs.

Dylan Blackburn – Best Photo & Video Settings For The Sony Alpha 7CR

Dylan Blackburn purchased the Sony Alpha 7CR, and in the videos below he shares what he believes to be the best menu settings for photography, and the best menu settings for videography. Make sure you check out his YouTube Channel for more videos related to the Sony Alpha 7CR – like best accessories to pair with the camera and more.

Jared Polin – Sony Alpha 7CR User Guide

In this video, Jared Polin shows you how to set up the menu on your Sony Alpha 7CR. Watch the full tutorial that includes how to set up your first camera with all of the settings from shutter speed, to aperture, to ISO.

The Blind Life – How To Turn On The Screen Reader In Your Sony Alpha 7CR Menu

In this video, YouTube creator Sam of The Blind Life, who is legally blind, shares how you can turn on the Screen Reader function in the menu of your Sony Alpha 7CR camera. Why does a camera have screen reading technology? Creating content is his career, and having a tool that can do that and is more accessible is very important.


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