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See How These Photographers Are Finding Creative Outlets This Instagram Follow Friday

This week we’re featuring another group of Sony photographers who are finding their own ways to stay creative while isolated. Have you found your creative outlet during social distancing? Tag your Sony photos & videos on Instagram with #BeAlpha for a chance to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com – and make sure you check out #CreatorConversations – an AMA (Ask Me Anything) series hosted by @sonyalpha on Instagram.

Macro, the great indoors, pet portraits – see how these photographers are staying creative during social distancing.

Caroline Jensen – @carolinej

Caroline is a Sony Artisan and her Instagram account features stunning macro shots and other painterly photos. The way she brings light into her images while maintaining their simplicity makes her page an easy one to follow. She finds macro photography to be relaxing, and her experience with this form makes her a great resource during this time when we can all do Macro at home. Lucky for us she’s shared her wisdom with us in Macro Therapy: Quick Start Guide and Macro Therapy: 5 Quick Lighting Tips. She also let us take a peek inside her bag in What’s In My Bag: Caroline Jensen’s Camera & Lens Combinations For Macro Therapy In The Age Of Social Distancing. Give them a read and give her account a follow for more chances to relax with macro. She took the photo below using her Sony a6600 and Sony 50mm f/2.8 Macro lens.

Erin Sullivan – @erinoutdoors

Erin is a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective who, as her Instagram handle suggests, is used to spending a lot of her time outdoors. Her work typically consists of beautiful landscapes and wildlife shots from her travel adventures. Since she’s unable to explore the outdoors right now, she’s bringing things indoors for #ErinsGreatIndoors. Using her Sony Alpha gear and items she has around the house, she’s creating stunning miniature landscape shots. Paper bag canyons, broccoli forests and more. And, she’s challenging you to do it too! Create your own and post it with #OurGreatIndoors.

Stephanie Zimmer – @stephaniezimmer_

Stephanie Zimmer is a pet portrait photographer and member of the Alpha Female community. She specializes in photographing dogs and her work inspires us to put our own pets in front of the camera while we’re at home! Her tip? Have plenty of squeaky toys and treats to keep their attention! Read more about how she got into pet portraits and how she does it. Take a look at her account for more cute pups like the one below!

Lillian Merritt – @strengthofatlantis

Lillian is a fine art and self-portrait photographer. She’s challenging herself to create a self-portrait every day during social distancing, and her work lately has had themes like connection, change and growth. She provides thoughtful commentary on each photo’s theme when she posts. Check out her account and learn more about her process in It Starts With A Sketch: How This Photographer Strives to Create A Self-Portrait Every Day

Robert LeBlanc – @photosbyrobertleblanc

Robert LeBlanc is a documentary photographer based in Los Angeles. He wanted to show the impact of the pandemic on his city. He grabbed his Sony RX100 V, hopped on his bike and cruised around to different areas of L.A. that would normally be packed. Capturing these spots completely empty shows the impact in a whole new way, and shows that people are taking it seriously. See more of the photos and read the full story here.


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