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See How These TikTokers Capture A Starry Sky

The low light capabilities on the Sony camera allow night and astrophotography like never before. Seeing images of a sky sprinkled with stars feels like looking into another world. And what’s more, you can connect with fellow photographers who love astrophotography on platforms like TikTok and the Alpha Universe Forums. These communities will help you get started in night photography or teach you tricks to elevate your work. Check out what these Sony shooters are up to after the sun sets over on TikTok. And for even more great photography content, be sure to follow @sonyalpha for Sony creative content in your feed and the latest from the Alpha Universe.

Connect with fellow photographers who love astrophotography on platforms like TikTok and the Alpha Universe Forums.

Erin Sullivan – @erinoutdoors

Erin Sullivan of the Alpha Collective is a miniature, outdoor and travel photographer. In 2014 she started her ErinOutdoors blog where she shared her travels. It helped her rediscover her love for photography and she’s been sharing her adventures with the world ever since. Her account is great to learn a ton about photography from a pro. In the video below, she walks through how to take great night sky images. She shows the fantastic image she took with her Sony Alpha 7R IV and the Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master lens. Be sure to check out more of Sullivan’s work!

Autumn Schrock – @aut.pops

Photographer and Alpha Collective member Autumn Schrock shares her photography adventures as well as relatable video content for creatives on her TikTok. She shares techniques for editing, tips for relaxation, and lucky for us, she takes us along to see some of the beautiful landscapes and astroscapes she captures all over the globe. Below, Schrock shares five unique looks at the Milky Way. It’s moving to see this natural wonder spanning over National Parks. Check out more of Schrock’s astrophotography tips HERE.

John Brown - @johnbr0wn

John Brown is a photographer, filmmaker and drone pilot who loves sharing his work on TikTok. As you scroll through his account, you’ll see thumbnails of many stunning scenes under glorious light. In the video below, he left his Sony Alpha 7S III out all night in Snowdonia National Park in the United Kingdom. The results are stunning! Be sure to follow Brown for more inspiration.

Gamander López – @gamanderlopez

Gamander López is a well-known wildlife photographer with over 9 million followers on TikTok. He shares all kinds of amazing wildlife encounters and photographs on his page. In the video below, he decided to photograph a clear sky and the images he shares are unsurprisingly beautiful! We love the images where you can see the remaining glow of sunlight from below the horizon.

Robin Schumann - @robn.smn

Breaking down photography into easy to learn bits is a specialty of Robin Schumann. He is a professional photographer and filmmaker, based in Germany who shares his knowledge on TikTok. He breaks down the simple setup to get started in astrophotography in the video below. And the resulting images he made with his Sony Alpha 7 IV are pretty spectacular! Be sure to check out Schumann’s account and give him a follow.


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