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See The New Sony 12-24mm f/2.8 GM In Action This Instagram Follow Friday

The new Sony 12-24mm f/2.8 G Master lens provides photographers and videographers with a fresh and dynamic creative tool. Those who have been lucky enough to try it out have posted their shots on Instagram, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites to feature this week. Take a look at what they captured below and read some of the first impressions on the lens from around the web. See more of the first shots taken with the new ultra-wide zoom here.

See photos taken with the new Sony 12-24mm f/2.8 G Master that are popping up on Instagram this week!

Jess Santos – @missjessbess

Jess is a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. In her Instagram bio she declares herself a wanderer, adventurer and stargazer, and her photography reflects them all. On the new 12-24mm f/2.8 GM she says, “...you know what this means guys? I won’t have to switch between my 12-24 f/4 G and 16-35 f/2.8 GM for blue hour and sky shots! I got the chance to play with this baby in one of my favorite places, the Eastern Sierras, and seriously so stoked for this lens. It’s super sharp and pleasantly surprised with how little coma there was.” Check out the breathtaking astro-timelapse she created below with the new lens and her Sony α7 III, and learn more about how she captured the ancient bristlecone trees at night here.

Kesha Lambert – @keshalambert

Kesha Lambert is a Sony Artisan and international wedding and portrait photographer based in New York City. She has documented hundreds of weddings to date, and her style includes the ultra-wide look, which is why she’s so excited about this lens. “I love this lens – the focal point is right up my alley for my shooting style.” Read more of her thoughts on the new lens and see more of the gorgeous portrait shots she captured with it here.

Andy Mann – @andy_mann

Andy is a Sony Artisan, @natgeo photographer and senior fellow @sealegacy & @onlyone. His impressive travel photography takes you to places you never thought you would see. He took the new lens out in Colorado and captured the incredible images below. “The performance of this lens was amazing. My expectations were exceeded. I was using it for landscapes and night photography, and the sharpness of it just blew me away. It was just really easy to use – particularly at night.” See more of his photos and thoughts on the lens here.

Albert Dros – @albertdrosphotography

Albert Dros is a landscape photographer from The Netherlands. His ability to translate the grandeur of a landscape into a photograph is seriously impressive. After trying out the new lens he says, “So is this the ultimate wide angle lens you can get for your Sony mirrorless camera? That depends of course on your shooting style. For me it’s definitely a yes. It’s a lens I have been waiting for for years and I am not disappointed, and super happy it's finally here!“

Tobi Shinobi – @tobishinobi

Tobi ‘Tobi Shinobi’ Shonibare is an award-winning international photographer and videographer and a member of the Alpha Collective. Tobi’s work has a high focus on detail, perspective, geometry and symmetry. Check out the ultra-wide image he captured below using the new lens. He says, ““Sony also deserves major kudos for raising the bar with a lens that outclasses the competition. Finally, I will be swapping this lens in place of my current wide-angle go-to. It is lighter, smaller, faster to focus, and more flexible in terms of range.”

Nate Luebbe – @nateinthewild

Nate is another member of the Alpha Collective and with one quick scroll you’ll see just why his handle @nateinthewild makes perfect sense. His Instagram account features incredible landscapes, astroscapes, wildlife shots and more. He had the chance to test out the lens for landscape and astro, and the photos he managed to capture were phenomenal. “Having a lens that can shoot 12mm astro, but then come back and shoot a daytime landscape shot...I think is really, really cool.”

Autumn Schrock – @autpops

Autumn Schrock is a landscape/astro and travel photographer, designer, yogi and Alpha Collective member. Her account is filled with beautiful and peaceful scenes that offer you an escape through your Instagram. After trying the new Sony 12-24mm f/2.8 G Master, “In my opinion, this lens is absolutely worth picking up whether you shoot stills or video if you can afford to drop the cash. This is a top-of-the-line, never-before-seen lens. Sony has accomplished something that no other company has yet. This beautiful thing is practically a work of art. I have truly loved shooting with it and am thrilled to continue challenging myself to find epic wide angle compositions."

Rachel Jones Ross – @rachel_jones_ross

Rachel is a total photography pro, especially when it comes to astro! The Alpha Collective member says that the new 12-24mm f/2.8 G Master lens is her dream lens. “Looking at the images on the computer, I’m blown away by the clarity of the images.” Give her a follow and stay tuned to her Instagram account for more images to come from this new “rockstar lens.”

Michael Schaake – @michael_schaake_photography

Michael is a Germany-based professional landscape and nature photographer. He used the new lens to take this shot in Belgium’s “Hohes Venn.” After testing it he says, “The AF works fast, silent and very exact. Even in low light it packs in reliably. Chromatic aberrations are also very well controlled! To sum it up this is another wonderful high quality lens from Sony with a focal range that is somehow special but will inspire your photography!” 

J.N. Silva – @jnsilva

Jose is an Alpha Collective member who posts an eclectic mix of New York street photography and cityscapes, portraits, landscapes, and plenty of concert shots on his Instagram. He took the new lens out in New York City and captured this series of photos below. “I’m loving this lens so far. This isn’t a focal length that I’m used to shooting with often, so this wider angle inspired me to think about how I compose. It gives me so much more space to work with when I’m shooting.”

Mahesh Thapa – @starvingphotographer

Mahesh is a Seattle-based photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. His account is filled with colorful landscapes and astroscapes. He took the new lens out and captured the stunning photos below. He says, “The lens is stellar, absolutely sharp from corner-to-corner with palpable micro-contrast and color fidelity. There is minimal ghosting and flare when shooting directly into the sun. The lens performed very well under difficult lighting conditions, thanks to the very wide aperture of f/2.8. Focusing was a breeze too. This lens will definitely have a place in my bag. Being able to shoot at f/2.8 from 12-24mm will be a God-send.” 


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