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Sony Alpha 7R V Hands-On Review Roundup

The new Sony Alpha 7R V camera delivers a new high-resolution imaging experience with an AI-based autofocus system. A group of creatives and reviewers have had the opportunity to get their hands on the new camera to test it out and are sharing their first impressions online. Check out our roundup of reviews for the new Sony Alpha 7R V below. Learn more about the new Alpha 7R V HERE, and you can be among the first to see the camera in person at Creative Space in NYC on October 27th and 28th.

See what content creators and reviewers are saying about the new Sony Alpha 7R V camera.

Gerald Undone

“If I can summarize my photography experience with this camera in a sentence or two, I would say that so far it’s probably shaping up to be my favorite camera of all time.” – Gerald Undone


“Everything that’s been updated about this, I like. The new body design, the menu system, the EVF, these are things that we want to see in Sony cameras going forward. But we also have a lot of brand new upgrades here that you will not find in any other cameras and that cannot be updated in the future really with firmware.” – Chris Niccolls

Jenna Ezarik

“The new AI processor and all of the things that it can do is really, really great. I’m impressed that the autofocus somehow continues to get better.” – Jenna Ezarik

“And as a former wedding photographer and filmmaker, making sure the bride and groom are in focus is SO important, you know what I mean? There are a lot of times where I missed a shot and it’s like, come on. But the fact that you can register a client’s face at a wedding is just so crucial. Any autofocus performance boost at a wedding is appreciated.” – Sidney Diongzon

Mark Galer's Alpha Creative Skills

"Certainly the Alpha 7R V now, currently with its new subject detection, has some interesting features for wildlife shooters. The fact that it can detect the back of the head of your animal or your animal behind a tree when working with a wide focus area. It may have some advantages for portraits as I've showcased in this video tutorial. Macro shooters will probably lean toward the Alpha 7R V. And of course, with that flippy screen that you can point toward you when standing in front of the camera, which the Alpha 1 monitor can't do, then of course that may be a vlogging photographer who also wants a high-resolution sensor might lean toward the Alpha 7R V." – Mark Galer

Park Cameras

“For me, I wholeheartedly recommend this. This is from two days of pretty much solid going out and shooting, trying to shoot as much as possible. I really, really love this camera.” – Gareth Evans

Sidney Diongzon

“Besides having some of the features adapted from the A7R IV like focus breathing compensation, focus mapping – just really good features for the video side of things. But this is a photography-first camera. 61 megapixels, AI processing…goodness, gracious…a really cool camera.” – Sidney Diongzon


“The AI processor is also capable of deep learning and will begin to estimate the body position of your subject and anticipate future movements to keep the focus locked in tough situations. This is wildly good news for sports, action and dance photographers.” – Nate Luebbe


“Overall this is a nice upgrade for Sony. I’m glad they put in this new processing power. It’s really opening up a lot of doors for what they’re going to be able to do in the future.” – Evelyn

“For me this camera, it’s all about that deep learning internally. Having a camera that learns your subject while you’re shooting it, only increases your hit rate substantially.” – Dave

Wex Photo Video

“All in all, I would say it was very comfy to use. Very easy to use, especially for the stills side of things. And the autofocus worked fantastically well. And it has that thing that a lot of cameras can’t do, that no matter what mode you’re in, no matter if you’re on single point, or if you’ve got tracking on or if you’re in wide focus mode, and it’s picking out what it needs to, when you’re pressing that joystick on a Sony, it will automatically bring your point back to center.” – Amy


"It has a huge number of focus points and it tracks incredibly well in both stills and video mode. When in animal mode, it also has tracking for eyes, head and body, which makes it incredibly powerful for high-resolution wildlife photography." – Jake


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