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Stop Your Scroll & See What These Creatives Are Up To On TikTok

TikTok connects photographers, filmmakers and artists with their audience like never before. It reaches across the traditional creator/audience line and truly connects with the individual creator, rather than just their body of work. That’s why it’s so exciting to come across another Sony shooter on TikTok. It’s fun to find another member of the Alpha community and see what they’re creating and how they’re making it happen. We rounded up a few creatives making outstanding content on Sony cameras. Check them out and don’t forget to follow @sonyalpha for more Sony creative content in your feed and the latest from the Alpha Universe.

TikTok connects photographers, filmmakers and artists with their audience like never before.

Michael Abramyan - @mikeabr

Michael Abramyan is a photographer and video editor specializing in travel and landscape photography as well as storytelling with video. He shares his work and photography tips through his TikTok account and has grown over 70K followers. His TikTok often focuses on his astrophotography work. Try out this technique he covers in the TikTok below and tag @sonyalpha so we can see the results! 

Sophia Cuerquis - @sophiacuerquis

Sophia Cuerquis is a content creator who has grown a major following on Instagram, YouTube, and of course TikTok. She creates videos about her skincare routine, jewelry, clothing, and other lifestyle and product content. Her YouTube channel is filled with vlogs of her life. The TikTok video below is quite “meta” as it is behind the scenes of her filming one of her YouTube vlogs. She explains that she films her vlogs on the Sony ZV-E10 and a variety of Sony lenses along with the Sony ECM-B10 shotgun mic. This video is a fun look into the life of a content creator!

Joshua Wanderer - @josh.wanderer

Joshua Wanderer is an Ethiopian filmmaker specializing in short films and music videos. He describes his TikTok as “cinematic moments,” sharing video clips, behind the scenes, tips, and gear reviews. The video below is showcasing the mind-blowing low light capabilities of the Sony Alpha 7S III, which Joshua describes as one of his favorite features on this camera. Be sure to check out his TikTok and give him a follow for more cinematic moments! 

Afiq Muizz - @afqmuizz

Afiq Muizz is a photographer based in Selangor. He shares images from various photo shoots through his TikTok account. Muizz primarily shoots with the Sony Alpha 6000. We love the composition and color tone of his images. Check out his page to see more of his work! 

Mike Robbins - @mikerobbinsss

Mike Robbins is a filmmaker, editor and photographer based in southern California. He shares cinematic moments through TikTok videos. He also shares simple lighting setups and techniques that can elevate your footage along with tips on editing setups. As you can see in the TikTok below, Robbins shoots with the Sony Alpha 7 III. Be sure to give him a follow for more cinematic inspiration. 


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