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Telling A Love Story: Follow These Wedding Photographers On YouTube For Tips & Inspiration

Wedding photography can be quite a challenge. Not only are you trying to capture the beauty of the day - you also have to work with the couple and the wedding party to help them feel comfortable in front of the camera. It can be easy to become stressed, but there are many Sony shooters creating YouTube content to break down the barriers to wedding photography. Subscribe to these five channels for tips and inspiration on documenting the perfect “I-do” moment! Don't forget to subscribe to Sony Alpha Universe on YouTube for updates, creative ideas and photography pointers.

Subscribe to these five channels for tips and inspiration on documenting the perfect “I-do” moment!

Rebecca Carpenter

Rebecca Carpenter is a destination wedding and elopement photographer. She describes her photography style as warm and romantic, and she states: “my composition and editing are inspired by high fashion editorials, films, fashion magazines and music videos.” She certainly has a distinctive color palette to her body of work. Her YouTube mostly focuses on that editing style, Carpenter takes you into her Lightroom and shows you how she edits her RAW images. You can check that out in the video below. You can also hear about her switch from Sony to Nikon HERE.

Julia Trotti

Julia Trotti is a portrait, fashion, and wedding photographer based in Sydney, Australia. In her photography, she is known for her strong composition and intense posing. Her YouTube channel is known for gear reviews and comparisons, tutorials, and behind the scenes vlogs. From editing to posing to technical settings - her channel is a one stop shop for tips and advice! In the video below, she walks through what's in her camera bag for wedding photography including her two Sony Alpha 7 IV bodies and her Sony Alpha 7C along with many Sony lenses. Watch below to learn more about her gear!

Omar El-Takrori

Photographer, content creator and educator Omar El-Takrori has dedicated his YouTube channel to helping people take better photos. His videos offer advice on posing, walks through Sony camera systems, and gives advice on setting up a profitable photography business. Check out this video where he describes how the Sony Alpha 7R III “is arguably one of the best cameras for wedding photography.”

Chris Turner

Chris Turner is a full-time wedding photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. After photographing more than 200 weddings, Turner knows a thing or two about it. And he’s sharing that knowledge with the world via his YouTube channel. Turner takes his audience along on shoots, in the editing room, and gives practical advice. Go behind the scenes of a couples shoot with the Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master in his video below and be sure to subscribe to his channel for tips and inspiration.

Brendon Lee Rogers

Brendon Lee Rogers is a wedding photographer whose philosophy is that the best wedding photos are candid - not posed nor planned. His channel is full of videos documenting his photography work, discussions on gear and other fun topics. Take a look at this video where the audience joins him on an engagement shoot. You get to see how Rogers interacts with the couple, how his images turn out, and how he maximizes the Sony Alpha 7 III to achieve his artistic vision!


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