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‘Tis The Season For Cocoa, Cocktails & More – See How These Sony Shooters Create Compelling Drink Photography

During the holidays, hot cocoa and cocktails are pretty easy to come by. What’s not as easy to come by, though, is a good, dynamic photo of a beverage. Since beverages have to be contained in a glass or a mug, it can be hard to get the angle and lighting right to really capture the drink and put its contents on display. This week at a selection of photographers who are using their Sony Alpha gear to deliver dynamic images and videos of holiday beverages. 

This week, we look at a selection of photographers who are using their Sony Alpha gear to deliver dynamic images and videos of holiday beverages.

Stuart Anderson – @stuart_anderson_ig

Stuart Anderson is a product, food and beverage photographer based in Sacramento, CA. Many of his photos feature stunningly crisp and clear beverages in beautiful glassware. We learned more about his process for capturing a drink image in his Behind The Shot article. He captured the shot below with his Sony Alpha 7 III and Sony 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. Follow him for more crisp and clean drink images from his home studio.

Hilaire Baumgartner – @baumassfoods

Texas-based food photographer Hilaire Baumgartner creates bold and vibrant food and drink photography. Whether she’s capturing an up-close shot of ingredients or going out wide to capture an entire spread, her images are sure to get your appetite going. She created this bright and beautiful drink image using her Sony Alpha 7 III and Sony 50mm f/1.8. 

Lauren C. Short – @lauren.c.short

Full-time professional food photographer and educator Lauren C. Short not only posts beautiful imagery of food and drink, she also posts educational videos on how she does it. Her behind-the-scenes will give you tips to take your food photography to the next level. In her post below she shares some of her tips for capturing better drink photography. Watch them for ways to perfectly capture your holiday cocktail and catch some of her tips for food photography in her article here.

James Tran – @jtran_photos

Based in San Diego, food, cocktail and portrait photographer James Tran seems to do it all, and with style. Having first-hand experience in the food industry, Tran brings beauty, vibrance and atmosphere to his images. He captures the people and places behind the food and drinks just as well as the food and drink itself, which only extends life to his work. He often adds an element of motion to his images, making them even more compelling. Give his account a follow to keep up with fresh and beautiful work and learn more about how Tran captures a restaurant's aesthetic through a single image of a menu item in his Behind The Shot article.

Purvi Shah – @iampurvishah

Purvi Shah is a food, product and lifestyle photographer. Her dynamic food and drink photography makes it seem as if the food or drink is going to jump off your screen. With elements of motion, like adding a dash of flour or splash of liquid, her photography comes to life. She created this holiday scene of some hot cocoa, a holiday staple for those cold winter months, with her Sony Alpha 7 III.  Learn more about her process for dynamic drink photography in her Behind The Shot article here.

Nia – @butfirstsalt

Nia is a Netherlands-based creative photographer who likes to use a little magic to make the food or drink in her images stand out. Her approach to food and drink photography has the viewer getting as excited about the photo as the food and drink itself. She also likes to incorporate motion into her images to make them even more compelling. She took this coffee art shot with the Sony Alpha 7 III and Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G lens.

Sanjana – @themessytoast

Mumbai-based food photographer and stylist Sanjana creates bright and colorful food photography that just might make your mouth start to water. Every image captures the most exciting part of a dish or drink, putting its deliciousness on full display. Her Instagram isn’t just images, she also creates beautiful videos putting the ingredients together like in this drink video below. Follow her for more. 


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