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Instagram Follow Friday – January 4, 2019

It’s the first Instagram Follow Friday of 2019, and we have a great group of photographers whose accounts will help motivate you to #SonyAlpha in the new year. Maybe you’ve had trouble in the past finding time to hone your photography skills, but this is your year. Join the #SonyAlpha movement and tag your Sony photos with #SonyAlpha for your chance to be highlighted in an Instagram Follow Friday. Also make sure you’re following @sonyalpha for daily motivation to get out and capture it all in 2019!

René Ringnes – @ringnes_photo

René is an incredible northern lights and landscape photographer based in Norway. If you’re enamored with the magical greens and purples of an aurora borealis, you have to follow this account. You’ll also see snow-covered forests, ice-capped mountains and beautiful fresh blue waters from this #BeAlpha photographer. He captures all of this beauty with his trusty Sony α7R III.


Kirsten Alana – @kirstenalana

Kirsten is an NYC to LA and her account aims to share conscious and sustainable stories of connection, city breaks and nature escapes; as she states in her Instagram bio. She has an extensive arsenal of Instagram stories with categories like gear, fashion, tips and travel that you can view directly from her account. The storytelling that complements her photos make it an adventurous and exciting account to follow. This gorgeous shot below was taken by Kirsten in Rome using her Sony α7R II.

Matthew Hahnel – @matthewhahnel

Matthew is a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective and a visual storyteller based in Seattle. He posts magnificent photos of his travels with his wife and fellow #AlphaCollective member @reneeroaming. You’ll love following along on their adventures through National Parks and more. The colors he captures in his landscape photos are otherworldly and the views he manages to find are top-notch. Give him a follow for what’s sure to be an exciting account in 2019.


Chris Mcloughlin – @chris_p_mcloughlin

Chris is a Getty images contributor who uses the Sony α7 II, Sony α6000 and Sony α77 with vintage lenses to capture his photographs. He posts plenty of soft nature and macro shots, along with landscapes and wildlife. Using shadows and interesting perspectives, Chris brings variety to his images. His account will motivate you to look closer at the details to create new compositions you may have never thought of. This photo below was taken with his Sony α6000.


Ben Moon – @ben_moon

Ben is a Sony Artisan and self-taught photographer and filmmaker who enjoys working with a diverse range of adventurers, athletes and musicians. When we talk about the #SonyAlpha lifestyle, this guy is it. He’s always going on an adventure, and usually with his adorable pup @noribythesea! In addition to his adventurous photos, the entire right column of photos on his account are black and white portraits of inspirational people and their stories. They are absolutely fascinating and reason enough alone to give this account a follow.

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Ruthie Lindsey @ruthielindsey is a public speaker, author, stylist and traveler, and someone who proves that a positive attitude can overcome great adversity. As a senior in high school, Ruthie was hit broadside by an ambulance doing 65 mph, and although she survived, doctors gave her only a 1% chance of walking again. She miraculously was able to return to normal mobility, but later a wire that had held her shattered neck together broke and pierced her brain stem, causing debilitating pain that left her bed ridden for years before an X-ray finally revealed the issue. After another risky surgery and many other daunting challenges, Ruthie was able to recover and lead a full life again. When we met last year at @yeahfieldtrip, I felt an understanding and immediate connection with her that happens only with those who have survived difficult experiences and have chosen to thrive, in spite in spite of what has been thrown at them. Even though Ruthie now lives with a high level of nerve pain almost continually, her eyes burn with an intensity of perseverance and a true gratitude for life. She is a living, laughing example of how choosing hope and joy can lift us above our physical and emotional burdens. There is so much more to Ruthie’s story, and she will be sharing that in detail in her upcoming memoir called “Salvaged: Building a Life with Broken Parts” soon to be published by @simonandschuster. ruthielindsey.com #moon_faces #sonyalpha #bwportrait shot on the @sonyalpha #a7RII with my favorite portrait lens, the 85mm 1.4 #Gmaster

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