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Instagram Follow Friday – #AICdoesNewZealand!

In today’s Instagram Follow Friday we’re featuring the 10 members of the Alpha Collective who have been exploring New Zealand’s South Island all week. Check out the beautiful sites they’ve captured and posted on their accounts, and make sure you give them a follow. You can keep up with the entire crew by following #AICdoesNewZealand.

Blue fog, misty mountains & more. Follow #AICdoesNewZealand on Instagram to see what these members of the Alpha Collective are capturing on their trip!

Victoria Siemer – @witchoria

Victoria’s Instagram account gives an in-depth look at her fascinating creative style and imagination. She dreams up otherworldly creations, captures the pieces with her Sony gear and then uses Photoshop to manipulate the layers all together into a work of art. You can read more about her process in Behind The Lens And Inside The Mind Of Witchoria. She captured this colorful shot using her Sony α7R III and Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master.

Andy Best – @andy_best

Andy is a photographer/cinematographer with an Instagram account full of magnificent views. An adventurous creative whose Instagram presence quickly grew, he recently shifted his perspective to re-ignite his passion for photography – something he explains in this Behind The Lens story. While in New Zealand he’s had a goal to capture time lapses and witness the night sky in the southern hemisphere. The very first night of the trip he managed to capture this sunset time lapse using his Sony α7R III and Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master.

Charly Savely – @charlysavely

Charly's account is filled with unique wildlife, portrait and travel images. Her thirst for adventure combined with her moody and mysterious style of photography make for uncommon photographs that are sure to catch your eye. Find out which gear she packed for New Zealand to capture such images in What’s In My Bag: Charly Savely’s Adaptable Travel Adventure Kit. She photographed this beautiful blue fog and her own wanaka tree in Te Anau.

Mike Meyers - @mmeyers76

Mike has a extraordinary talent for capturing mesmerizing cityscapes, landscapes and astroscapes. He recently wrote about his Best Camera Settings For Epic Landscape Shots, so make sure you give that a read and try out his tips on your next adventure outdoors. Give his page a follow – he’s capturing some great scenes while in New Zealand! This astro shot was taken in Queenstown with the Sony α7R III and Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master.

Kyle Huber – @asenseofhuber

Kyle’s Instagram account boasts bright and colorful photos from his travels, of which there have been many! He gave us an inside look at the gear he uses on those travels in What’s In My Bag: Kyle Huber’s Essential Photo Gear When He Hits The Road. Playing with symmetry and perspectives, you’ll want to examine his photos even closer upon first glance. He also posts some incredibly creative video pieces that he puts together in Adobe PhotoShop, After Effects and Premiere. These shots of Kyle were taken by @ashleyinwanderland and @missjessbess using the Sony α7R III.

Ashley Brehm – @ashleyinwanderland

Ashley creates dreamy, whimsical photographs in settings of moody landscapes. She's especially excited to be able to capture the vast landscapes present in New Zealand. She captured this one of Doubtful Sound with the Sony α9 and Sony 70-200mm G Master.

Oveck Reyes – @oveck

Oveck is a visual artist and storyteller. He posts photos from his travels that provide insight into other cultures and places all over the world. The details he manages to capture in his photography will blow you away. He photographed these misty mountains with his Sony gear at Fiordland National Park.

Connor Surdi – @connorsurdi

Connor’s account has a wide variety of photography, from landscapes and animals to food and portraits. He’s especially excited to capture the beautiful sites of New Zealand, and he’s certainly managed to do so thus far. Just check out this shot he snapped of the Tasman Glacier, which he calls in his post “quite possibly one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever seen with my own two eyeballs,” with the Sony α7R III and 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master.

Anthony Castro – @theanthonycastro

Anthony’s awe-inspiring landscapes will have your jaw dropping as you scroll his photos. Astonishing backgrounds, insane views and infinite adventures, give him a follow for some epic #BeAlpha inspiration. His goal during the New Zealand trip is to capture the foreign landscape alongside the other creatives, and he is delivering! He posted this photo below from New Zealand’s Milford Sound, taken with the Sony α7R III and Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master.

Jessica Santos – @missjessbess

Jess has always had an interest in astrophotography, and her account is filled with breathtaking night scenes that show her passion. For some insight into how she captures the twinkling lights of the cosmos, check out her 6 Tips To Get Started With Astrophotography. She took this starry shot in Alberta and as she processes her images from the trip, we can’t wait to see what she posts from New Zealand.


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