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Instagram Follow Friday – A Time For Reflections

It’s interesting to see all of the ways creators use their imaginations to photograph reflection shots. Whether it be a massive mountain reflecting off the calm lake below, or your cute dog’s pose reflecting off the microwave door for a pet portrait – there are endless ways to make them your own. This week we’re featuring a group of photographers who have taken unique reflection photos using their Sony Alpha cameras and lenses and posted them to Instagram. Take a look at their work and give them a follow. If you want the chance for your account to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com, make sure you tag your Sony photography posts with #BeAlpha. And don’t forget to follow @sonyalpha for your daily dose of Sony photo inspiration.

Tag your Sony photos with #BeAlpha for the chance to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com, and follow @sonyalpha for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

Oscar Nilsson – @oscarwastaken

Oscar is a director and photographer based in San Francisco. As you take a look at the Alpha Imaging Collective member’s Instagram you’ll find a variety of commercial work, portraits, travel photos and astro images. His portraits are phenomenal and tell the stories of the many different people he comes across on his travels. He took this beautiful reflection shot in Marfa, Texas using his Sony α7R III and Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master, and you can learn more about the gear he packs for travel in his What’s In My Bag article.

Phil Nguyen – @philngyn

Phil is another member of the Alpha Collective based in beautiful California. His account boasts the breathtaking landscapes he encounters throughout his travels. From high alpine terrain to windy deserts to urban jungles, as a travel photographer Phil gets out and explores as much as he can. He took this photo below in Japan and says, “Still one of my favorite sunsets of all time. There wasn’t any crazy clouds or out of this world colors or light. It was just a subtle glow. But the moment of being here and not knowing what to expect of this place made for memories that were unforgettable.” Learn more about how he makes images stand out with a natural color approach in this Alpha Universe article.

Nancy Borowick – @nancyborowick

Sony Artisan Nancy Borowick has told the intimate stories of people and places from every corner of the globe. She documents those adventures on Instagram along with the fun moments happening in her everyday life. We love this adorable reflection pet portrait of her dog Einstein off the microwave door! Check out all of the Sony gear she uses in her What’s In My Bag article, and learn more about her shooting style and storytelling techniques in this Alpha Universe podcast.

Josh Pellegrini – @travel_pel

Josh is a Sony photographer based in Philadelphia. His Instagram account has a number of stunning cityscapes and street shots. He took this reflection shot using the Sony 24-105mm f/4 G with the Sony α7R III and says, "Reflections always make me happy. I was lucky to have a cloudy day in Amsterdam, making the conditions for this shot work out. I try to always carry the gear I could need while traveling just in case the situation calls for it, even while trekking around a city." 

Nakul Bhatnagar – @nakulbphotog

Nakul is a Sony Alpha shooter based in San Francisco. His account features colorful landscapes, cityscapes and architecture. Nakul was one of the five winners in last year’s #BeAlpha Challenge contest, and you can hear more about his journey to the Hawaiian Islands with members of the Alpha Collective in this article. He took this beautiful reflection photo in California using his Sony 85mm f/1.8 and Sony α7 III.


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