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Kit Collections: Take A Look Inside These Leading Creators' Bags

Creators have a special relationship with the gear they choose to include in their kit. Each and every camera, lens and accessory packed in their bag is there for a reason, and it’s interesting to see why creators include what they do. Below we take a peek inside the bags of creators who have recently shared their Sony kits with us. See what they choose to include and make sure you visit their What’s In My Bag article to see more of their gear and work. Take a look inside more of the leading pros’ camera bags at alphauniverse.com/wimb.

Which cameras and lenses are creatives choosing for landscape, astro, travel, street, wedding, wildlife and more? Check out this roundup of Sony kits that creatives have shared with us over the past month.

Landscape and astrophotographer Dylan McMains chooses the Sony Alpha 7 III as his number one camera because he says it can do it all no matter which kind of photo he’s after. As for lenses, McMains packs three zooms – the Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master, Sony 24-105mm f/4 G and Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master – as well as two primes – the Sony 85mm f/1.8 and Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master. Read more about his gear and see what he’s created using it in What’s In My Bag: How This Complete Photo Kit Captures Powerful Skies & Breathtaking Landscapes.

Dylan McMains' gear for landscape and astrophotography

Dylan McMains’ landscape and astro-photography kit

Travel, automotive and lifestyle photographer Manuel Polak uses the Sony Alpha 1 as his main camera because he says it’s perfect for ever occasion. His go-to lens is the Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master, and he also loves the new Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master II and Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master II for their versatility. The Sony 55mm f/1.8 was one of his first lenses and one he says he will always include in his bag. See more of his cool car and travel photos along with the rest of his gear in What's In My Bag: A G Master Zoom Trinity & A Sleeper Prime For Travel & Automotive Photography.


Manuel Polak’s kit for travel and automotive photography

Professional astro-landscape photographer Lorenzo Ranieri Tenti uses the Sony Alpha 7 IV for every situation and he loves it for its versatility. He always includes the Sony 14mm f/1.8 G Master in his kit, which he says is the lightest lens he has ever owned. He also uses the Sony 20mm f/1.8 G and Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master to create beautiful astro images. See some of those images and read more about his gear in What’s In My Bag: A Lightweight Kit To See The Light In The Darkest Skies.

Lorenzo Ranieri Tenti kit for astrophotography

Lorenzo Ranieri’s kit for night photography and more

Wedding photographer Emily Schutz always has a pair of full-frame Sony Alpha cameras – the Sony Alpha 7 III and Sony Alpha 7 II – on her Holdfast Gear MoneyMaker harness. She calls the Sony 55mm f/1.8 hands-down her favorite lens, and you’ll also find the Sony 85mm f/1.8 and Sony 28mm f/2 lenses in her wedding-day kit. See the beautiful imagery she creates with the gear in What’s In My Bag: A Wedding Photographer’s Essentials For Capturing Couples In Love.

Emily Schutz's gear for wedding photography

Emily Schutz’s wedding photography kit

Photographer Oscar Lindsey’s creative night photography kit is built around a G Master trinity plus an additional wide zoom – the Sony 12-24mm f/2.8 G Master, Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master, Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master II and Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master II. His main camera is the Sony Alpha 7 III, a popular one for those who create in low light. See the epic night images he makes and read more in What’s In My Bag: A G Master Trinity Plus One For Creative Night Photography & More.

Oscar Lindsey's photography kit

Oscar Lindsey’s kit for creative night photography and more

Wildlife photographer Phillip Hall packs lenses that help him achieve proximity and intimacy with his subjects, while also allowing him the space to provide context and a sense of environment. He always brings the Sony 600mm f/4 G Master, Sony 135mm f/1.8 G Master, Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master and the Sony 1.4X Teleconverter for those close shots without disturbing the wildlife. He also travels with two Sony Alpha 1 bodies that he says help him capture images that were previously impossible. See just what kind of images he’s talking about and read more about his gear in What's In My Bag: A Double Alpha 1, Triple G Master Kit For Wildlife Photography.

Phillip Hall's gear for wildlife photography

Phillip Hall’s kit for wildlife photography

Street photographer Alina Behfar packs both the Sony Alpha 7 IV and Sony Alpha 7 III to achieve her cinematic style. She exclusively uses prime lenses because she says they’re at the edge of the spectrum and allows her to have a lot of variety in her work. Which does she choose? The Sony 135mm f/1.8 G Master and the Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master. See more on her cinematic street photography style and learn more about her complete kit in What’s In My Bag: 2 Sony Alphas & 2 G Master Primes For Moody Street Photography.

Alina Behfar's gear for nighttime street photography

Alina Behfar’s street photography kit

Norway-based wildlife and landscape photographers Kirsten and Henrik Solgård say they rely on the unmatched speed, autofocus, image quality and build quality of the Sony Alpha 1 for their work. They call the Sony 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G lens one of their favorites because of its image quality and versatility, with the Sony 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 G Master as another unbeatable zoom always in their kit. Add in the Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master as their go-to for landscape, and the Sony 1.4X Teleconverter for that extra reach for wildlife, and you have the ultimate kit for capturing it all. See what they’ve managed to create with this kit in What's In My Bag: 1 Camera, 2 Photographers & 3 Lenses For Wildlife & Landscape Imagery.

Kirsten and Henrik Solgård's kit for wildlife photography

Kristen Henrik’s kit for wildlife and landscape photography


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