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See How These Photographers Capture The Heart Of Beautiful Destinations

Many people say that travel is good for the soul. It forces you beyond your hometown and outside of your comfort zone. It allows you to explore and learn new things. It takes you away from the everyday grind and provides a mental reset and a fresh perspective. For all of these reasons, people choose to journey to somewhere new. This week we're featuring a group of globetrotters, wanderers and explorers who are documenting the heart of the new places they visit with their Sony Alpha cameras and Sony lenses. See their accounts below and give them each a follow for more travel in your feed, but just to warn you, it may cause wanderlust. Want the chance to be featured? Tag your photos on Instagram with #BeAlpha. We keep an eye on that hashtag for photos and photographers to feature on AlphaUniverse.com. Also, be sure to give @sonyalpha a follow for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

This week we're featuring a group of globetrotters, wanderers and explorers who are documenting the heart of the places they visit with camera and lens.

Erin Sullivan - @erinoutdoors

As a photographer, member of the Alpha Collective, TED speaker, and a traveler passionate about the outdoors, Erin Sullivan has a beautiful approach to creating stunning photos that draw you into the land and people she is exploring. Her work is thoughtful, engaging and reflects her passion for traveling and all the experience that comes with it. Even when travel was not an option, she created her own way to keep the adventure alive. If you are looking for an inspiring, thoughtful and entertaining account, @erinoutdoors is where you will find it.

Olivier Wong – @wonguy974

Olivier Wong is a travel photographer and filmmaker based in Paris, France. Wong's work showcases the beauty of his destinations in the warm glow of the sun resulting in a very romantic and idealistic mood much like the images shown below. This theme flows throughout his feed, making for a compelling follow. His work will motivate you to get out with your camera and roam a new city or at least get out and explore one near you. For a fresh perspective and inspiration, check out Wong's feed.

Giovanni Moioli – @giomo_

Giovanni Moioli is an Italian travel, commercial and lifestyle photographer with a deep and moody style. His surf and travel photos will have you non-stop scrolling through his feed. He took this beautiful image below of the soft sunset light in Venice, Italy.

Jonas Hausmann – @jonashausmann_

Jonas Hausmann is a landscape and travel photographer based in the south of Germany. Each one of his images is full of life and adventure. He captures the beauty of the landscape and wildlife with a seemingly gentle approach that allows the viewer to feel as if they are there, much like the image featured below. He's great at giving you a glimpse at the beauty he is surrounded by and leaves you wanting a little more. The photo below was made with The Sony Alpha 7 II and The Sony 16-35mm f/2.8. G.

Sarah Afiqah Rodgers – @theworldwithsarah

Sarah Afiqah Rodgers is a landscape and lifestyle photographer based in Scotland. She has a feed full of minimalistic, cool-toned images that will get you excited to bundle up to go for a winter adventure and truly embrace your surroundings. Wildlife and landscape fill her feed in between the surfing and hiking photos that will keep you scrolling. Give her a follow to be inspired and to grab your camera for your own adventure.  

Benedikte Roness – @benedikteroness

Benedikte and Simon are based in Oslo, Norway. For the past few years, they have traveled Europe in their van with their husky Zulu. Their account is filled with road-tripping adventures and the beautiful spots they have come across. This image of Benedikte snuggled up in the van enjoying the view of a castle in Scotland makes life on the road seem even more appealing. Who would not want to wake up to that view? Follow their account for more road trip inspiration. The image below was made with the Sony Alpha 7R III and the Sony 16-35mm f/4.

Ronald Söthje – @ronald_soethje

Ronald Söthje is a photographer based in Leipzig, Germany. He has a skill for capturing expansive cinematic landscapes that will get you excited about planning a trip to the lush green land of Iceland in the summer or the jagged peaks of the Dolomites in Italy. He created the image below with the Sony Alpha 7R IV and the Sony 12-24mm f/2.8 G Master lens.


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