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Weekly Roundup: The New Sony ZV-1, Alpha Sessions & More

This week on AlphaUniverse.com we announced the ZV-1, Sony’s latest camera designed specifically for content creators and vloggers. See a roundup of our content on the new camera below, plus other content from this week including an Alpha Universe Podcast with Lensrentals founder Roger Cicala, Alpha Sessions sign-ups and more.

Check out this week’s roundup of articles and stay tuned to AlphaUniverse.com for more to come.

The New Sony ZV-1

Sony Introduces The ZV-1, A Newly-Designed Camera For Video Content Creators – The new camera features a video-forward design & compact body packed with advanced imaging technology & easy-to-use functionality.


Sony ZV-1: Hands On & First Impressions – Check out this roundup of first impressions on the new Sony ZV-1.

Miguel Quiles On The New Sony ZV-1 – “It’s unbelievable. It's amazing on so many different fronts.” Hear more from portrait photographer & YouTube host Miguel Quiles on the Sony ZV-1.

Instagram Follow Friday – Vlogging With The New Sony ZV-1 – Why creators using & reviewing the new Sony ZV-1 say, "Sony has packed every wish and demand that we’ve ever wanted in a vlog camera...into this little camera."

What's In My Bag: Travel YouTuber Brett Conti Takes Us Through His Content Creation Kit – Travel YouTuber and entrepreneur Brett Conti shares the Sony cameras, lenses, mics and other gear he uses to create his videos.


Brett Conti's content creation kit

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Don't miss the opportunity to connect live via Alpha Sessions and virtual meetups. Check the Alpha Universe calendar frequently – we're adding new events all the time.

More Content From This Week

Alpha Universe Podcast: Lensrentals Founder Roger Cicala On What Makes A Great Lens – Roger Cicala has forgotten more about lenses than most people will ever know. We sat down with him to discuss all things optics.

What’s In My Bag: Jay R. McDonald’s Ultimate On The Go Photo Kit – Photographer & videographer Jay R. McDonald (@jayrmcdonald) on the two zooms, two primes and the Sony Alpha camera that's attached to his hip.


Jay R. McDonald's on-the-go photo & video kit

How To Find Your Style: Shooting Tips And A Powerful New Editing Tool – Garrett King (@shortstache) on how to be more creative and evolve from emulating others to finding your own distinct visual “voice.” 

How One Photographer Is ‘Making Waves’ In Los Angeles – See how Sony Alpha photographer Robiee Ziegler (@robiee.zee) is keeping people in Los Angeles connected during the pandemic, one wave at a time.


Photo by Robiee Ziegler. "Making Waves Project"


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Sony Introduces The ZV-1, A Newly-Designed Camera For Video Content Creators

Sony ZV-1: Hands On & First Impressions

Miguel Quiles On The New Sony ZV-1

2024 Sony ZV Buyer's Guide, Which Camera Is Right For You?

Best Lenses For Content Creators & Vloggers 

How Fast, Sharp, Compact Zooms Make A Lightweight Dream Team

For This Creator, Switching To Sony Came Down To Community

Quick Guide: How To Update Your Sony Camera's Firmware

See Why This Leading Wildlife Conservation Photographer Is Making The Switch To Sony

5 Tips For Landscape Photography


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