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Women's History Month Follow Friday, Part 3

March is Women’s History Month and for our “Follow Friday” segment each week we’re featuring a new group of inspiring female creators. Take a look at the compelling photography created by these Alpha Females and follow their Instagram accounts to see more.

March is Women’s History Month and in our first in a series, we’re featuring female photographers who are leading the way in the industry.

Swaroop Gokhale – @swaroop.gokhale

Swaroop Gokhale is a wildlife enthusiast and hobbyist photographer from India. She has a master’s degree in environmental studies and, because of her passion for nature, founded her own travel company called Take Me Outt that specializes in nature and wildlife travel. Her Instagram account is filled with beautiful wildlife shots, and she explains how she captured the image below with her Sony α7R III and Sony 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 G Master lens in this Behind The Shot article.

Paola Franqui – @monaris_

Paola Franqui is a talented street photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. She loves to tell stories through her photography and has an eye for capturing unique perspectives. Her simple candids manage to capture the complexity and diversity of humans in the everyday. She had the opportunity to try out the new Sony 50mm f/1.2 G Master lens and you can catch some of her shots taken with it in her post below. See more of her photos and read some of her thoughts on the new lens here.

Sara France – @sarafrance

Sara France is a renowned international-award-winning photographer, entrepreneur, and speaker and Sony Artisan based in San Diego. She’s passionate about building businesses that help women succeed and is the founder of The Copper Collective, a talented team of female wedding photographers, and Shay Studios, which creates visual content for brands. You’ll find stunning wedding and portrait photography on her Instagram account. She recently had the chance to try out the new Sony 50mm f/1.2 G Master lens and you can catch some of her shots taken with it in the post below and read some of her thoughts here.

Stacy Howell – @stacyhowellimagery

Stacy Howell is a commercial and editorial photographer and food stylist who divides her time between NYC and Charleston, SC. She’s a lover of food and food-related pops, and often uses the Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G lens to focus on the gorgeous details and colors of food that make you feel like you’re close to something delicious and beautiful. She has an eye for composition and light, and approaches each shoot with a rustic, authentic and storytelling style ranging from light and fresh, to dark and dramatic. If you love to look at beautiful images of food, her account is a must-follow.

Rachel Jones Ross – @rachel_jones_ross

Rachel Jones Ross is a Banff-based photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. She likes to explore her home of the Canadian Rockies with her camera, capturing beautiful landscapes and star-filled skies with dreamy colors. She’s been out shooting a lot recently and posted the photo below along with the caption, “This was shot on my Sony α7R III with the 16-35 GM. I finally got my hands on the new Sony α7S III with the 12-24 GM! I can’t wait to share what I’ve been shooting with you all. If that wasn’t exciting enough, my new Sony α1 arrived today! Between the new gear, the start of Milky Way season, and lots of Aurora activity, I don’t think I’ll be sleeping much!” Give her account a follow to keep up with all she captures with her new gear! 

Kesha Lambert – @keshalambert

Kesha Lambert is an international wedding and portrait photographer and speaker based in New York. The Sony Artisan’s Instagram account boasts gorgeous images featuring everything from high bridal fashion to intimate engagement shoots. See her post below where she describes the importance of even the seemingly small pieces of every wedding – time to bring out the Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G!

Michelle Watt – @wattphoto

Michelle Watt is a fashion and portrait photographer who specializes in staging conceptual narratives with a whimsical flair, addressing themes of freedom and restriction within cultural identity. She was the winner of an Alpha Female+ Grant for her project featuring whimsical allegory of her struggle as a codependent. She creates vast worlds, and often includes discrete hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ as varying social commentary in her work. Follow her to see more of her compelling and intriguing photography.

Nancy Borowick – @nancyborowick

Nancy Borowick is a photographer, speaker and author who has told the intimate stories of people and places from every corner of the globe. The Sony Artisan documents her various life experiences and adventures on Instagram, leaning on the importance of family and community. Give her a follow for an exciting mixture of culture and fun in your feed.

Jess Dales – @jess.wandering

Jess Dales is based in Seattle-based travel photographer and vlogger. The Alpha Collective member travels from one destination to the next, posting photos of her experiences coming face-to-face with one massive grandscape after the next. She scopes out some really fun places and gives her viewers the inside scoop. Follow her account for more of her insider travel tips and photos of her enjoying the places she visits.

Chrissy Martinez – @chrissy_martinez_photography

Chrissy Martinez is a nature and wildlife photographer who aims to photograph transformation, connection & magical moments in the world. On her Instagram account you’ll find a wide variety of wildlife action – from intense moments between a fish and an alligator to staredowns with the neighborhood raccoon. She’s even posted some great captures of the moon! If you love all things animals and outdoors, make sure you follow her account! 

Tiffany Nguyen – @tiffpenguin

Tiffany Nguyen is a Los Angeles-based travel photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. She posts gorgeous outdoor shots from all over the world, and hopes to inspire others to get outside and discover their own adventures. She’s a fun follow because you just never know what grandiose view she’s going to capture next. The photo in her post below was taken at Yosemite National Park with the Sony α7R III and Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master. Follow her account to keep up with her adventures.

Anastassia Whitty – @saywordstaz

Anastassia Whitty is an event, portrait and streett photographer and videographer. For her work she has photographed multiple concerts, political congregations, and creative individuals with various career aspirations. She also filmed and edited multiple documentaries. She enjoys her work because she’is able to capture the emotions of people in different stages of their lives and finds that she resonates with photos that accentuate a person’s happiness and vulnerability. She’s been featured in a number of publications – give her account a follow to keep up on her most recent photos and videos.

Ashley Brehm – @ashleyinwanderland

Ashley Brehm is an Oregon-based photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. Her Instagram bio says, “Finding beauty in the darkness,” a great description of what you’ll see through her style of photography. She creates dreamy and moody portraits in front of a variety of landscape backgrounds. She uses her art as an escape and her main goal is to show the world that even in the darkest places, beauty can be found. Give her a follow for a moody style that always managed to find the light.

Stacy – @outdoorstacy

Stacy is a Seattle-based elopement and landscape photographer. She loves to capture the love of others while in nature, and her elopement shots (posted to her other account @outshinedelopements) feature couples in front of breathtaking views. If you’re a fan of beautiful light and stunning landscapes like in this beautiful shot of the Oregon Coast, make sure you give her accounts a follow.

Michelle Chu – @michutravel

Michelle Chu is a travel photographer, content creator and member of the Alpha Collective. She believes in seeing the world with her own eyes and appreciating all the beautiful things the world has to offer, and it’s very evident as you scroll through her Instagram account. She’s been to 78 countries and documented her experience at many luxury hotels and resorts. If you’re into the luxury travel life, give her account a follow to see her next adventure.


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