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Checking In: See How These Creatives Are Making The Most Of Social Distancing & Isolation

With so much of the creative industry being shut down and out of reach due to stay-at-home rules, you might need a little extra help getting those creative juices flowing. In addition to the content we’re bringing you on AlphaUniverse.com, we wanted to check in with some of our Sony Artisans Of Imagery and members of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective to see how they’re managing to stay creative while isolated. See the rundown of what they’re working on and sharing below and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration to create something of your own during this challenging time.

Infrared experiments, self portraits, macro worlds & even new ways to date...see how these photographers are using their camera to find new projects and creative outlets under rules of social distancing.

Sony Artisan Of Imagery Ira Block recently converted one of his cameras to infrared and has been experimenting with it in New York City while social distancing (swipe below to see).

Block's not the only Artisan trying the infrared thing out – Gene Lower (@slingshotphoto) has created a new series documenting the current social lifestyle called, “Truck Stop – an infrared view of my community during a quarantine.” He’s driving around and from the inside of his truck, taking photos of social distancing families in Phoenix in their driveways and front yards.

Gene Lower’s Truck Stop project idea was inspired by Sony Artisan Paul Gero’s series during social isolation called “Portraits In The Time Of Corona.” See some of the photos on Instagram @paulgero, read more about his project in Portraits On The Porch and hear about the project directly from Gero in the latest Alpha Universe podcast.

Erin Sullivan (@erinoutdoors) of the Alpha Collective is taking her outdoor photography indoors, but not how you might expect. She’s created #ErinsGreatIndoors as a way to challenge herself to create landscapes out of things she’s finding around her home. Give it a try and post your own using #OurGreatIndoors.

Alpha Collective member Stevin Tuchiwsky has taken on Erin's #OurGreatIndoors challenge while at home and created some incredible scenes like the underwater one below. Give his Instagram @stevint a follow to see more of his creations.

Sony Artisan Of Imagery Brooke Shaden (@brookeshaden) is creating self-portraits, something anyone can do from home during social isolation. 

Sony Artisan Tony Gale is typically a portrait photographer, but due to the lack of subjects during social distancing, he’s also decided to step in front of the lens himself. Check out the self-portraits he’s been churning out during social isolation @tonygalephoto.

Jeremy Cohen of the Alpha Collective was exploring rooftop culture during social isolation in New York City and documenting it with his Sony Alpha gear. From those observations he also discovered how to date in the age of coronavirus, and yes, there’s a giant bubble involved. Keep up with this love story on his Instagram @jermcohen.

Patrick Murphy-Racey (@murphyracey) decided he wanted to do something for the high school seniors who will likely not be able to walk at their own graduation. The Sony Artisan decided to create the #2042020 Senior Portraits Project, where he will give away 20 senior shoots to the Class of 2020 for free. Learn more about the project on his YouTube Channel and see how you might be inspired to offer up your skills during this time. 

Kyle Huber (@asenseofhuber) of the Alpha Collective has started a collaborative series called #?WindowWonders. He’s combining timelapses with window shots that are submitted to him to create beautiful pieces like the one below. 

Sony Artisan Drew Geraci just announced that he's completed his first personal timelapse project and released it earlier this week during a YouTube watch party. Check it out below!

Sony Artisan Katrin Eismann has taken the time at home to explore the sunlight each day as it comes through her house. As the morning sun peaks through she races around the house, investigating shadows and angles. It's been really fun to see what she discovers, like this compelling carrot shot taken in her kitchen! 


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