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Get Inspired For Summer Weddings & See How These Photographers Capture Love With A Camera

June is high-season for weddings, and leading wedding photographers are prepared with their cameras to capture the moments of the special day. As many wedding photographers push the boundaries of creativity and storytelling, a handful of them stand out for their exceptional talent and unique vision. Below we celebrate a group of remarkable artists who capture the magic of weddings with cameras like the Sony Alpha 1 and Sony Alpha 9 III. From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, these photographers are experts at translating love stories into stunning visual narratives. Follow along as we highlight their captivating work and explore how they use their craft to immortalize unforgettable moments of love.

From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, these photographers are experts at translating authentic love stories into stunning visual narratives.

Henry Tieu – @henrysdiary

Wedding photographer Henry Tieu’s thoughtful work echoes with heartfelt emotion and ethereal beauty. His post below is a perfect example of his ability to capture intimate moments in breathtaking landscapes, making each wedding feel like a fairytale come to life. The Sony Alpha Ambassador makes it a point to document love in its most honest forms through intentional weddings and elopements. See the stunning images he posted below in honor of Pride Month and follow him for more authentic love in your feed.

Kesha Lambert – @keshalambert

Sony Artisan Kesha Lambert’s wedding photography exudes elegance and joy. She has a knack for blending modern sophistication with timeless romance to create images that are both contemporary and classic. She knows exactly which moments of a wedding day pull at the heartstrings the most, and she makes sure she’s there to capture it. A perfect example is her shot of the first dance in her post below:

Jose Villa – @joseville

Jose Villa is renowned for his fine art approach to wedding photography. The Sony Artisan's work showcases his impeccable use of light and composition, capturing the subtle nuances of love and celebration with an artful touch. Follow him to see the unique ways he captures wedding days throughout the summer. 

Jermaine Horton – @jermainehortonstudios

Jermaine Horton’s dynamic and bold style is evident in his Instagram reel below. His work captures the vibrancy and spirit of couples, turning their special day into an everlasting visual celebration. The Sony Artisan doesn’t shy away from getting creative with his wedding photography, and his willingness to try something new always pays off. He captured these stunning images of the couple in love with his go-to wedding camera, the Sony Alpha 1, paired with the Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master. Learn more about his full photo kit in What’s In My Bag: A Complete Photo Kit For Capturing Weddings, Portraits & Sports.

Sara France – @sarafrance

Sony Artisan Sara France’s wedding photography is vibrant and full of life, as demonstrated in her beautiful post below. Her ability to capture candid moments and genuine emotions results in wedding photos that are as lively as they are heartfelt. They show the joy and lightness of a wedding day, and you can see more of these warm moments on her Instagram.

Zabrina Deng – @zabrinaxyz

Sony Artisan and wedding photographer Zabrina Deng’s artistic vision shines through in every frame. She travels all over to capture couples and their love stories, often incorporating unique elements of the scene into play. Watch her reel of a gorgeous pre-wedding shoot under the Golden Gate Bridge below, and experience how she transforms iconic locations into backdrops for timeless love stories.

Scott Robert Lim – @scottrobertlim

Sony Artisan Scott Robert Lim is a professional portrait and wedding photographer. He brings his expertise in lighting to the wedding, making everyone feel like a model on the big day. He’s recently been using the Sony Alpha 9 III camera to revolutionize the way he shoots and you can learn more about it HERE. Check out the reel he posted below featuring his absolutely next-level wedding photography and follow him for more.

David Le – @davidle_nz

David Le is a full time wedding and commercial photographer. He fell into wedding photography when a friend asked him to photograph her wedding after their photographer pulled out at the last minute. Since then, he’s been in love with the dynamics of a wedding day, and you’ll see on his Instagram how he captures the moments in their rawest forms. He uses two Sony Alpha 7 IV cameras for his work, and you can learn about his complete lineup of lenses in What’s In My Bag: The Tools Of The Trade For A Wedding Photographer Who Switched To Sony.

Emily Schütz – @emilyschutzphoto

Photographer Emily Schütz creates timeless and editorial wedding photography. When shooting a wedding, she focuses on connecting with her clients to ensure genuine moments and overall enjoyment throughout the process of working together. This gives her work an authentic, documentary style that perfectly defines the wedding day. Follow her to see more of her work and learn more about her wedding-day essentials in What’s In My Bag: A Wedding Photographer’s Essentials For Capturing Couples In Love.

Mark & Tracey Crown – @crown_photo

Mark & Tracey Crown of Crown Photography are a husband and wife photo and video team based in central Alberta who specialize in capturing weddings, elopements and all of life's moments. They do everything they can to work with couples to make their wedding day unforgettable, and you can see how great they are at documenting the most important moments in the post below. Learn more about their wedding day kit in What’s In Our Bag: A Husband & Wife Wedding Team’s Kit For Photo & Video and follow them to see the updates they’ve made.


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