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See How These Photographers Create Stunning Milky Way Astroscapes This Instagram Follow Friday

Shooting the stars successfully requires you to have the proper gear and plenty of practice. This week we’re featuring a group of Sony photographers who have used their Sony cameras and lenses to capture a little Milky Way magic. Check out these Alpha Universe articles for more about getting started in astroscapesthe best lens for astrophotography, the best camera for astrophotography and tips and tricks for shooting astroscapes. If you want the chance for your account to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com, make sure you tag your Sony photography posts with #BeAlpha. And don’t forget to follow @sonyalpha for your daily dose of Sony photo inspiration.

Tag your Sony photos with #BeAlpha for the chance to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com, and follow @sonyalpha for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

Cath Simard - @cathsimard

Cath is a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective and resides in Quebec. She likes to get out in the mountains and her account is filled with beautiful astroscapes behind mountain peaks from all over the world. The thoughtful text she posts perfectly complements her brilliant nature photos and serves as an inspiration for all of us wanting to trot the globe. She took this while in Peru using her Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master and Sony α7R III. Learn more about the gear she packs for her photo adventures in her What’s In My Bag article.

Andrew Eggers – @andreweggers

Andrew is also a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective with a ton of experience in astrophotography. He took the shot below at Bryce Canyon National Park with his Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master and Sony α7R III. Learn more about some of the gear Andrew uses for night shooting and how he sets it up for astrophotography

Alex Williams – @alexx_jw

Alex is a Sony photographer currently based in Peru. He specializes in adventure, portrait and landscape photography. Scroll through his account for just a glimpse into the beautiful places he’s been to and captured. This composite shot below shows the Milky Way at Yosemite National Park. Since he wouldn’t be there in summer when the Milky Way was clearly visible, he took a photo of the foreground at blue hour with his Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 lens and his Sony α7R III and composited the sky into the photo.

Brallan (Brian) Perez – @bperezf

Brallan is a Sony photographer based in California. You’ll find cityscapes, astroscapes and landscapes posted to his account, many of which are vibrant and colorful. He also has a knack for catching streaking traffic lights. Check out his account for more shots like this one below he took using his Sony α6400 in Ventura, CA.

Grant Tandy – @tandytimes

Grant is a Sony photographer based in Bend, Oregon. He’s also a Solar System Ambassador for Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and an Observatory Manager for a non-profit astronomical viewing facility. Simply put, when it comes to the stars, this guy really knows his stuff. Check out his account for one incredible astroscape after another. He took this shot using his Sony α7 III.


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