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Instagram Follow Friday September 21, 2018

We’re back for another Instagram Follow Friday, where we highlight the accounts of some of our favorite Sony shooters who are fully embracing the Be Alpha lifestyle. Take a look at the accounts below and give them a follow to keep up with their work. Be sure to tag your own Sony photography posts with #BeAlpha – you could be featured, too!

Dave Krugman – @dave.krugman

Dave is a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. His account boasts beautiful photography throughout the streets of New York City. You'll definitely want to see his latest posts using the brand new Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master, the lens he calls a street photographer's dream! 

Sean Parker – @seanparkerphotography

Sean is a travel/landscape/astro photographer and timelapse cinematographer based in Tucson, Arizona. His passion is capturing the beauty of our universe, and judging off his Instagram posts, he does a great job! Follow his account for phenomenal captures of the universe in the night sky that will make you realize just how small we really are.


Michelle Chu – @michutravel

A member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective, Michelle is addicted to living and capturing the island life. Based in both California and Hong Kong, she has traveled to over 65 countries. One look at her photos of crystal clear waters and luxury hotels will have you planning your next escape to an exotic place.


Tsalani Lassiter – @tsalani

There are three things Tsalani wants you to know from his Instagram bio: he lives in a van, he connects people with nature, and he fosters conversation about the outdoors. He drives to various incredible spots throughout the U.S. to show his followers just how much beauty can be found out in nature. Mountains, prairies, forests, lakes – you name it, he’s captured it.


Crissi Beth Ellis – @crissibeth

Crissi is another member of the Alpha Collective and she is based in New York City. The cityscapes and street photography posted to her account perfectly capture the essence of the NYC lifestyle. If you like to keep up with the city that never sleeps, Crissi’s is a great account to follow.


Gene Lower – @slingshotphoto

Football season is back, and Gene Lower is one to follow if you’re a fan of the pigskin. Not only is he a Sony Artisan of Imagery, he’s been the team photographer for the Arizona Cardinals for over 15 years. On his account you’ll find action-packed football photos and other behind-the-scenes stadium shots.


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