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On Juneteenth We're Spotlighting An Inspiring Group Of Photographers To Follow

The power of photography as a storytelling and documentary tool comes from people who can use the camera and lens to sculpt light, shadow, color and emotion to bring diverse perspectives to light. In this week’s Instagram Follow Friday, we’re featuring a group of inspiring Black photographers who are pushing the boundaries of the medium and taking a creative lead with their work. Check them out below and give them a follow to instantly improve your Instagram feed.

From photojournalism and concert to wedding and portrait – follow these Black photographers to instantly improve your Instagram feed.

Dennis Cacho – @denn_ice

Dennis is a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective who is capturing the stories that unfold on the streets. He snaps a wide variety of street photos and films in both black and white and color, giving us a glimpse into the lives of different people in The Bronx, NYC. His street portraits capture the character of his subjects and tell so much about their stories in one single shot.

Temi Coker – @temi.coker

Temi is another member of the Alpha Collective and the former creative resident at Adobe. His Instagram account highlights his unique and colorful digital artistry and portraiture. He takes an ordinary photo and uses colors, patterns and designs to make it something completely original. Give him a follow to introduce yourself to his fun style. 

Humza Deas – @humzadeas

Humza is a photographer, videographer and...skateboarder! If you want to see some incredible city views on your Instagram feed, make sure you give this Alpha Collective member a follow. He’s known to get many of his epic photos from helicopters, so you’ll see views of New York City you’ve never seen before. 

Terrence Drysdale  – @tjdrysdale

Terrence is a professional portrait, fine art and fashion photographer based in Tampa, Florida. He uses natural light in his work to create fairytale-like images that showcase a moment frozen in time. The Alpha Collective member's unique photographic approach makes his work stand out and is definitely an account you’ll want to follow.

Mic-Anthony Hay – @micanthony_

Mic-Anthony is a travel and adventure photographer and videographer. The Alpha Collective member loves to explore new places and capture the special moments with his camera. Give his account a follow to learn more about the different cultures he encounters and documents.

Dane Isaac – @dane.isaac

Dane is a photographer and member of the Alpha Collective based in New York City. His Instagram posts a mix of colorful portraits and energetic concert shots. Learn more about the gear he uses for capturing them here. He captured these beautiful portraits at Sony Kando Trip and you can hear his thoughts about being a Black photographer documenting the Black Lives Matter protests in the video below.

Kesha Lambert – @keshalambert

Kesha Lambert is an international wedding and portrait photographer based in New York City. She has documented hundreds of weddings to date, and her extensive experience is obvious in her stunning photography. Learn more about how the Sony Artisan Of Imagery anticipates each moment at a wedding in her Behind The Shot article. Give her account a follow to see more unique and beautiful wedding shots.

Greg Noire – @gregnoire

Greg is another member of the Alpha Collective and his Instagram account features a ton of epic concert shots that include some of the biggest names in the music industry. Most of his photos posted are in black and white, creating a unique contrast you don’t always see in concert photography. Check out the insane concert shot of Childish Gambino below and give him a follow for more.

Steven Irby – @stevesweatpants

Steven is a photographer and also the co-creator, director and executive producer of @streetdreamsmag. The Alpha Collective member’s black and white street photography has a raw and authentic style that is refreshing to see on Instagram. Scrolling through his account puts you in the streets of a number of different cities, and it’s really cool to see the places he’s been and people he’s encountered.

Joshua Kissi – @joshuakissi

Joshua Kissi is a photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. He creates and posts thought-provoking portraits of Black people, along with captions to help you learn more about the stories behind the subjects in his photos. His work is professional and inspiring. Give him a follow for more meaningful photography in your feed.

Eli Reed – @elireedmagnum

Eli is a Sony Artisan Of Imagery and a part of the elite collectives Magnum Photos and Kamoinge. He’s a Clinical Professor of Photojournalism at the University of Texas at Austin and continues to shoot photojournalism projects all over the world. See more of his incredible work in his portfolio.

Tobi Shinobi – @tobishinobi

Tobi ‘Tobi Shinobi’ Shonibare is an award-winning international photographer and videographer currently based between London and Chicago. A member of the Alpha Collective, Tobi has a high focus on detail, perspective, geometry and symmetry. Learn more about Tobi in his #CreatorConversations AMA with @sonyalpha here and give him a follow for more fun with angles and architecture in your feed.

Shauna Wade – @so.shauna

Shauna is another member of the Alpha Collective and the founder of @moodygrams and @moodyports. Her style is known for having a deep and atmospheric look. Many of her shots are portraits and they’re unlike any others you’ve seen before. Learn more about how she sets up her Sony Alpha camera to create her signature moody look in this video and follow her account for more.


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