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Follow Friday: See How These Landscape Photographers Use The Camera To Connect With The Outdoors

Summer is in full swing and photographers are venturing out to capture beautiful landscapes across the globe. This week we feature a group of photographers who are using their imagery to not only capture vast landscapes, but also to establish the human connection with those landscapes and the natural world. Framing the scene to include a person (or themselves) in the foreground of far-reaching landscape scenes, can make the scene more relatable to the viewer. It's a popular compositional device, especially on Instagram, and when done well and thoughtfully, it can transform a sterile scenic image into a photograph that captures the viewer's imagination. Check out the photographers below and give their accounts a follow. And as you head off for your summer adventure with your camera, tag your photos on Instagram with #BeAlpha. We follow that hashtag closely and we're always looking for photos and photographers to feature on AlphaUniverse.com. Also, be sure to give @sonyalpha a follow for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

On this Follow Friday, check out this group of outdoor photographers and see how they use lightweight Sony Alpha gear to create jaw-dropping landscape photos.

Jay McDonald - @jayrmcdonald

Jay is a commercial photographer and co-founder of @roamcreative.ca based in Calgary, CA. When scrolling through his personal feed, you will find a wide variety of outdoor adventure. Stunning rides on motorcycles, horses and even dog sleds, plus beautiful landscapes often featuring people soaking up the scene and enjoying what the wilderness has to offer. Jay is also colorblind, which adds a gentle and soft tone to his colors, giving them a unique and inviting atmosphere. To learn more about how Jay and how he works with being colorblind, you can check out his article: How A Colorblind Photographer Captures The Fleeting Colors Of Fall In The Mountains. He created the photo below using the Sony Alpha 7R III and 24mm f/2.8 G lens.

Charley Liddle - @charley_e.l.h

Charley is a photographer and illustrator based in Manchester, UK. He has a talent for capturing the moody landscapes of the southeast and northern parts of the English countryside and coastlines. Liddle's images instill a sense of reflection in the viewer. Much like the picture below, you will often find sweeping landscapes that Liddle places herself and often her trusty border collie Odin in, creating an atmosphere that we can all relate to.

Kristin - @kristin.outdoor

Based in Austria, Kristin is a travel and lifestyle photographer who captures her adventures in the sweeping beauty of the Austrian mountains and lakes. As you scroll through her feed, you are taken on an enchanting journey through the Austrian landscape. You will see tall, rugged mountains often peeking out from a blanket of clouds, and lush valleys and forests that might just inspire a long weekend of camping and hiking with your camera. She captured this image with the Sony Alpha 7R II and the 28-70mm lens.

Dion Jonathan - @dionjonathn

Dion Jonathan is a photographer and filmmaker based in Seoul, Korea. When you take a look at his Instagram you are met with a mix of abstract cityscapes and minimalistic landscapes. Intriguing and picturesque views, lush green trees, grass and mountain peaks are framed perfectly out of focus, showing life happening right in front of us. His images reflect that daydream we all most likely have about escaping to the outdoors. 

Mickael Peralta- @mickael_peralta

Mickael is a travel, lifestyle and automotive photographer based in the south of France. The founder of @thefrenchoutdoors, Peralta has a clean and constant aesthetic that highlights his passion for travel. His images focus on the beauty and enjoyment of exploring the land or water, and you can't help but scroll through his feed to see where he's been and how he's captured the beauty of it all. You might just be inspired to go and explore the Pyrenees after spending time on his Instagram.

Hannah Eugster -@whiskeyandmud

Hannah is an eco-conscious photographer and videographer based in Santa Cruz, California. When browsing her feed, there is an instant feeling of nostalgia. Eugster has a wonderful balance of portraits, life and landscape, which produces a compelling narrative throughout her feed. The image below is very reminiscent of a family photo from the '60s, creating a familiar scene that provides comfort and encouragement to go out and make your own memories in the wilderness.

Lisa Hu Chen - @lisahuchen

Lisa is a documentary photographer based in Orange County, California. @lisahuchen is Hu Chen's personal account that documents her life and love for her family. The photo below and the ones that follow in the post tell a story of the joy and adventure of a day spent in Yosemite National Park. Often we think of exploring the wilderness as a solo event, but that's not always the case. When looking over these images, you will find inspiration to document your days in a way that you may not have thought of before. The photo was made with the Sony Alpha 9 and the Sony 35mm f/1.8.


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