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See How These Photographers Capture The Essence of The Mountains

What is it about mountains that we love so much? It could be the solitude and new experiences they offer every time we decide to step into the wilderness, or the challenge it gives us when choosing to hike or climb that 14er. Just observing them from afar and being out in the elements lets us be a part of something bigger, inspires us, and keeps that sense of wonder alive. In this article, we find photographers that emulate that wonder and excitement for exploration that the mountains always give us. Using high resolution cameras like the Sony Alpha 7R IV and  Alpha 7R III and sharp lenses to match the camera's performance, these photographers create images that just might inspire you to hike your first mountain, or get back out there if it has been awhile since your last adventure.

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Chris Burkard -@chrisburkard

Chris Burkard probably does not need much of an introduction. Chances are you have come across the Sony Artisan's work at some point, be from one of his films, podcasts or photography. If you have not, you will quickly find yourself spending time with his photos, eager to see what the next one has in store. His talent for creating goes beyond the adventure and thrill-seeking energy that comes from his work. He very much encourages you to think about your relationship with the land, sea and all that live within them. For inspiration and resources on how to become a better outdoor photographer, follow Chris.

Renan Ozturk - @renan_ozturk

Renan Ozturk is an artist, climber, filmmaker and Sony Artisan. His work is heartfelt and awe-inspiring. You will not find many sweeping landscapes within his feed, as he usually is right in the heart of the mountains or jungles, and finding human connection and spirit within these places, pushing himself to explore relentlessly. If you want to be inspired by someone who creates from a deep passion for exploring the world with a sincere and human perspective, Ozturk is where you will find it. The image below was made with the Sony Alpha 7R III and Sony 35mm f/1.4 G. If you missed Ozturk's latest filmmaking and photography expedition through the jungle check out our Field Notes video below (and see our article about the HERE). Renan gets creates some of the most stunning imagery you'll ever see and he pays for it in blood, sweat, tears, bugs, mud, swealtering heat and bone-shaking cold. 

Jordan Herschel - @jordanherschel

Jordan Herschel is an adventure and travel photographer based in the Southwest. When you look through the Alpha Collective member's Instagram account, you will be greeted with views of the Wild West, such as roaming buffalo, alpine lakes and awe-inspiring mountain views. His love for adventure and the outdoors flows through his feed, and it will truly inspire you to grab your camera and get an early start to go explore a new trail or finally summit a peak that has been calling you. If you want to know more about Jordan's Sony gear and how he creates his photos, check out his What's in My Bag article.

Charly Savely - @charlysavely

If you are after a wonderfully curated feed that highlights the elements and the wildlife from Alaska to South Africa, Charly Savely's Instagram is where you will find it. Her use of blue and orange throughout the feed gives her work a consistent and clean narrative that brings your attention to the land and wildlife she captures. Truly a stunning feed that will calm the soul and deepen your appreciation for the animals that roam this world. She is also an Alpha Collective member, and you can find more information about her workshops and tips for becoming a wildlife photographer from the article Five Quick Tips For Getting Into Wildlife Photography.

Jason Frankle - @worldpins

Jason Frankle is another Alpha Collective member and travel and commercial photographer that appreciates a beautiful sunrise or sunset and all the beautiful colors that come with it. As you scroll through his Instagram account, you will be transported to the sun setting over an icy beach in Iceland or Halong Bay in Vietnam. You will also find beautiful mountainscapes scattered in his feed, much like this one shown here. The image invokes the spirit of early morning excitement that holds so much potential, inspiring you to embrace the new adventure of the day. It was created with the Sony Alpha 7R III and Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master lens. More of what Jason uses to create stunning photos can be found in his What's In My Bag article.

Sid Mantri - @siddharthmantri

Sid Mantri is a landscape and travel photographer based in Spain. The rich green and brown tones with deep blues throughout his feed give his images an inviting and grounding feel to them. His photos, such as the one below, not only captures the romance of nature but showcases his love for travel and the beauty of the land. Sid made this image with the Sony Alpha 7 III.

Eric Matt – @ericmattt

Eric Matt is a landscape and adventure photographer based in northern Montana. He clearly has a love for the mountains and the beautiful rugged wilderness that Montana provides. There is constant and quiet adventure on his Instagram feed that reflects the solidarity you seek when out in such beautiful places. Matt is worth following for his modest yet compelling images of the outdoor life. 


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