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Looking For Inspiration? See How These Creators Are Moving Forward

With social distancing and shutdowns taking place across the world, much of the creative industry has been faced with the challenge of finding new ways to create. While the current constraints can be frustrating, they can also lead to new ideas that otherwise wouldn’t have come to light. We wanted to check in with some of our Sony Artisans Of Imagery and members of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective to see how they’re managing to stay creative during this time. See what they’re up to below and use it as inspiration for your own creative challenges.

We check in with some of our Sony Artisans & members of the Alpha Collective to see how they're keeping their creative juices flowing.

The lack of sports currently being played hasn’t stopped Sony Artisan Jean Fruth from sharing her baseball photos. She’s been posting her series on “Baseball’s Cathedrals” to her Instagram (@jeanfruthimages) that feature the different baseball stadiums across the country. These lively shots almost make you feel like you’re there right now enjoying a ball game...and they are helping hold us over until sports make their return. (Don't miss a live Q&A with Jean and sports photographer Darren Carroll on May 1. Learn more and register here.)

Sony Artisan Sara France (@sarafrance) is usually a wedding photographer, but since weddings are on hold she has shifted her focus to another skill of hers – product and brand photography. Her sister company Shay Studios (@shay.studios) creates content for businesses and you know if Sara’s involved it’s done with an eye for style! 

Sony Artisan Chris Orwig (@chrisorwig) has stepped in to guest host several episodes of the Alpha Universe Podcast, and he's interviewed some very talented photographers! Listen as he interviews Cristina Mittermeier on conservation and empowerment, Ben Moon on taking your own career path, Colby Brown on making the most of this time and Caroline Jensen on moving forward. And don't miss Orwig discuss seizing the creative opportunities that a national shutdown offers in this episode.

Now can be an especially challenging time for those who are used to traveling all over to document different people and places, but it’s also a good time to sit down and edit any outstanding work you have. Sony Artisan Bob Krist (@bobkristphoto) has used the time to finish editing two short videos for his ongoing project about Mexican culture. Check out Concheros: Dances Of The Conquest below and see “Jungle Xanadu—The Story of Las Pozas” here.Sony Artisan Ben Lowy (@benlowy) has started a series called, “The Detritus of Disease,” that’s calling attention to another unfortunate issue of the pandemic – the littering of latex gloves and masks. While out walking his dog he takes photos of this type of litter and turns them into a post, highlighting the many effects of the current situation. (In case you missed it...he and Marvi Lacar also put together this whimsical short film to test the Sony Xperia 1.)

Alpha Collective member Stan Moniz (@stanmoniz) has been practicing social distancing and went out in the middle of the night to capture the Milky Way and an algae phenomenon that creates bioluminescent waves! Learn more about how he captured it using his Sony α7R III and Sony 55mm f/1.8 lens in this Behind The Shot article.

Eric Rubens (@erubes1) of the Alpha Collective also had the chance to get out and capture the bioluminescent waves. Check out the video he posted below and learn more about how he captured it here.

Typically used to taking photos of other people, Sony Artisan Tony Gale has had to change things up due to the pandemic. He’s now stepped in front of the lens and started his own self-portraiture series. With new poses, angles, and scenery in every shot, it’s fun to see what he will come up with next! Follow him @tonygalephoto for more. (He's also currently hosting a podcast where he talks to other Sony photographers. Listen here.)

If you haven’t yet heard about Sony Artisan Paul Gero’s (@paulgero) series during social isolation called “Portraits In The Time Of Corona,” you can read about it here and listen to him discuss it on this Alpha Universe podcast. He’s currently working on post-production for the nearly 135 families he’s photographed!

Sony Artisan Ira Block has been documenting New York City during the pandemic while maintaining a safe social distance. It's very interesting to see the way the city has changed and how businesses have had to adapt to the current situation. Follow @irablockphoto to see more.

Erin Sullivan (@erinoutdoors) of the Alpha Collective has taken her outdoor photography indoors, but not how you might expect. She’s created #ErinsGreatIndoors as a way to challenge herself to create landscapes out of things she’s finding around her home. Through the hashtag #OurGreatIndoors she invited her community and the whole world to come along on a journey during quarantine. Hear her talk about it in this Alpha Universe podcast and share your own using #OurGreatIndoors.

Sony Artisan Drew Geraci (@drewgiggity) recently finished working on a six-year personal timelapse project focusing around the beauty of China. Check it out below!

Sony Artisan Katrin Eismann (@katrin_eismann) has started a “Kitchen Light” series on her Instagram. Each day, when the natural light hits her kitchen counter for a few minutes, she places a different subject and photographs it or records a timelapse. That’s not all she’s been up to! She’s also a mentor for the Sony Alpha Female program, and she and her mentee Martine Severin (@martine.severin) have been creating and posting original images in response to one another. 

Who doesn’t love the beauty and magic of flowers? Sony Artisan Caroline Jensen (@carolinej) is part of a #floral_fridays loop where each Friday a collaboration of photographers share their love for all things floral. See their colorful captures by going through the hashtag and checking out each artist in the loop! Then make sure you check out her Quick Start Guide for macro photography to create your own flower shots.

Patrick Murphy-Racey (@murphyracey) decided he wanted to do something for the high school seniors who, because of the pandemic, won’t be able to walk at their own graduation. The Sony Artisan decided to create the #2042020 Senior Portraits Project, where he will give away 20 senior shoots to the Class of 2020 for free. Learn more about the project on this Alpha Universe podcast

Jeremy Cohen of the Alpha Collective was exploring rooftop culture during social isolation in New York City and documenting it with his Sony Alpha gear. From those observations he also discovered how to date in the age of coronavirus, and yes, there’s a giant bubble involved. Keep up with this love story on his Instagram @jermcohen and read more about how it started here.

Sony Artisan Taylor Rees (@taylorfreesolo) isn’t taking a break from calling attention to the issues going on in the world. She’s currently working on a feature-length documentary about the dark side of green technology. Check out her post to learn more about how lithium mining projects are destroying certain communities and their ability to survive in their homeland.

Joshua Kissi (@joshuakissi) of the Alpha Collective recently had a photo he took published as the cover of a book! Elaine Welteroth's book "More Than Enough" just came out in paperback with this incredible new cover that Kissi and his team created. Awesome job!

Alpha Collective member Jason Frankle (@worldpins) recently posted a quick 10-step video on how to capture the Andromeda Galaxy with a zoom lens. See the video below and stay tuned to AlphaUniverse.com for an upcoming tutorial with more details!


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