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Weekly Roundup: Finding Your Creative Outlet During Social Isolation

As social distancing and orders to stay at home continue, the creator community needs to stick together now more than ever. This week Sony was proud to announce the establishment of the “Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19, a $100 million fund to support those around the world affected by the virus. See more on how the Sony Alpha community is coming together and pushing through to the other side of the coronavirus shutdown in this week’s roundup of articles. But first, watch this message from our #AlphaFamily to yours:

Sony Alpha #CreatorConversations

Virtual Meetups

Join these virtual meetups for the opportunity to connect and ask questions live with our lineup of Artisans of Imagery and members of the Alpha Imaging Collective. See the next scheduled meetup below and click the link to register. Check the Alpha Universe calendar for future virtual meetups as they are announced.

#CreatorConversations On Instagram

Hosted by @sonyalpha on Instagram, these AMA (Ask My Anything) sessions invite followers to ask their favorite creatives questions in the comments. See the highlights from those featured so far below, and follow @sonyalpha and #CreatorConversations for more.

Content For Creators During Social Isolation

Ways To Stay Creative During COVID-19








Support For Creators



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Weekly Roundup: Stay Creative While You're Isolated

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